Positive and negative feedback are similar in a sense that both are ways of conveying valuable and supportive information for the betterment of the individual.  However, positive feedback is usually more welcomed than negative feedback.

In business, positive feedback praises and honors the performance of a team player while negative feedback is designed to teach, instruct and improve the performance of an individual.

Many times, negative feedback may be used to convey the ineffectiveness of an idea. For example, in business, suppose a team comes up with what it thinks is a brilliant idea designed to improve the profitability of an organization, but because the idea isn’t what the company is looking for, the idea gets rejected by upper management. And the reason why is explained. This negative feedback could leave the team stunned.

However, in business as well as in life, an individual must learn how to handle the word “No” a thousand and one times a month and still move forward, eventually succeeding and developing an unbreakable character. Each time I had heard the word “No”, each time my ideas were rejected, each time my contributions went unacknowledged, I grew stronger, braver and more determined to be what I was meant to be.

Failure is not in the word “NO.””   Instead, failure is the decision to succumb to the word “No.” Great individuals and teams thrive on the failure. They learn from mistakes and rejection.  The reorganize their strategies and start with new perspectives.

The courage to face and overcome the world “No” is the prerequisite for magnificence in every conceivable endeavor, both in business and in life.  Never be afraid to hear this powerful word.  The more you can handle its fury, the greater your status in life becomes.

If you desire to be great, prepare yourself for rejection without reservation. Whatever you do, don’t become offensive and unwilling to yield.  If you do, you are fighting against your own greatness.  Instead, you must allow yourself to be slain by the power of failure and be willing to rise again on the next day.

The bottom line is that both the receiving and giving of the word “NO” build team as well as individual character to the highest levels.