Making First Impressions Count by Amazing the New Hire


Making a good impression on a new hire is a very significant move for employers who want to avoid high turnover rate. Thousands of new hires quit their jobs within a week due to an introduction into a workplace filled with chaos and confusion.

A new employee should feel extremely welcomed.  Introduce coworkers, lead them on a tour, and make their expertise known to upper management.

The great thing about new hires is that they bring new ideas and perspectives they bring to the table. For months, the old crew may have been struggling with resolutions on particular issues dealing with the stakeholders or vendors. The ideas of the new employee may exactly what it takes to break stagnation on the issue and get the project back rolling again.

Many times a new hire will possess so much personality that he or she immediately radiate trust and honesty.  People will take a unique liking to them.  Don’t be an intimidated boss if your new employee outshines you in dealing with people.  Remember, you may need someone who brings a sense of newness to the table.

Your job as a boss is to make the new hire feel as comfortable as possible interacting with employees, stakeholders, and vendors.  There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Call an all staff meeting and introduce the new employee
  • Celebrate the new hire with a company potluck
  • Take the new hire out to lunch
  • Give the new employee bonus for joining the company
  • Start the new hire with minimum duties
  • Enjoy activities outside of the job, including festivals, professional sports games etc.
  • Allow for mistakes in performance
  • Give them a hat or t-shirt with company logo
  • Give them written thanks for coming on board

The above attempts at making the new hire feel extremely welcome will also go a long way in winning their loyalty to the company. Great companies are full of employees who feel that they make a difference in the organization.

The bottom line is you should go out of your way to make a good impression upon the new hire from day one. This should be vitally important. Every company needs new people with various new talents and skills to keep the company moving forward. Your job is to fill the new hire with great optimism regarding the direction of the company.  The new hire should be as passionate as you are when it comes to making the business a great success.


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