A Message for Do-It-All Managers! Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

You may be one of those super managers who think you can do it all. But the reality Delegation is the key. You can only do effectively what you are responsible for doing:  Managing well.  Other tasks will be better accomplished by delegating them to other staff members.

When you refuse to delegate task and responsibilities to others who are under your guidance, you show a great deal of distrust.  Intimacy is lost.

Time after time, managers waste time by performing tasks that they could be passed on to others. Gathering information, duplicating documents, distributing mail, and basic data entry or minimal training are tasks which can be delegated to others while you deal with the more serious and sensitive responsibilities such as decision-making, problem-solving and conducting meetings.

Choosing the right person for a delegation task is a vitally important if the job is going to be performed effectively and accurately.

The right person shouldn’t be that difficult if you have performed your employee assessment well. Obviously, you want an individual is going to get the job done without complaints and delays.  Qualities of the ideal person include:

Trainable-the ideal candidate is highly trainable. He catches on to methodologies and strategies quickly and receives information with eagerness.

Very capable-the right person is competent and can handle challenges and assignments successfully.

Organizeddetailed minded-the right person will be well-organized and detailed oriented enough to get the job done with accuracy.

Flexible-the right person can change his job routine or his normal way of working to suit the delegated assignment.

Excellence-driven=the ideal candidate for delegation possesses a sense of excellence and believes in producing quality work.

Humble-the right person is able to accept the job without feeling that the work is beneath his skills and unique knowledge and abilities

Problem-solver-the ideal candidate will analyze an issue and figure out the correct solution without referring to the boss upon every challenge.

Once you have chosen the right person, you must clarify your expectations, set schedules, and deadlines that must be met.

Communication is extremely important.  You must be available for multiple questions before the task is delegated as well as during the process of the task if necessary.  Sometimes the person you have chosen hits a roadblock and will need your assistance to resolve the situation.

The ability to delegate assignments to others is the hallmark of a great manager.  Without delegation, a manager will lose time, waste effort and experience continuous stress. Attempting to do everything will leave you exhausted, frustrated and less productive in your unique field of expertise.