Professionalism is the practice of displaying an air of intelligence, poise, personal power, good mannerism, quality and productivity in the workplace. Without the practice of professionalism on your job, you will not be able to persuade or convince people that you are serious. Wise customers will reject your incompetence and what you have to offer.

So either you are a professional or unprofessional. Consider Kellyanne Conway, the President’s advisor, for example. What Kellyanne Conway did during the gathering of black business leaders and developers in the oval office, was totally unprofessional. Sitting on the couch with like a little kid with her knees, and wearing shoes at the same time was unwise.

Matters dealing with controlling the free world must be taken seriously.  Kellyanne Conway not only disrespected herself but also the president and other leaders in the room.


If you are an associate of the president of the United States, the leaders of the highest office in the land, you should act the part and take matters seriously.

Great companies originate from the practice of professionalism toward customers as well as all business operations.  People are attracted to you when they know you are passionate the product or service you are offering them.  Your enthusiasm is contagious. They can feel it.  The way you present yourself and the way you treat customers makes them want to keep coming back.

The Dynamics of a True Professional

  • Dresses professionally, no dirty collars
  • Focuses on excellence in service
  • Poised under pressure and conflict
  • Doesn’t participate in gossip
  • Keeps things organized and avoids clutter
  • Approaches problems with intelligence and confidence
  • Doesn’t have a habit of coming in late or leaving early
  • Compliments fellow co-workers on a job well-done
  • Sees a job transition as a new opportunity
  • Always acknowledges the presence of others in the room or elevator
  • Speaks to others with dignity and respect

Individuals with these dynamics will go a long way in making the workplace a great environment for attracting customers and gaining ground on the competition in the marketplace.

The workplace needs more professionals today. The genuine care for people and their needs have been replaced by greed and overload. Companies lay off workers; abandon customers and head overseas in order to recruit cheap labor.

In addition, managers or leaders overload their workers with so many tasks that exhaustion and burnout have become the norm in the workplace.

The sad thing about this is that managers are unaware that working their employees to a point of exhaustion only makes them less productive or quality minded.

If you want to become more professional or want to train your employees to become more professional in the workplace, there are a number of training programs or seminars geared toward teaching professionalism in the workplace.

  • DIY Virtual Professional Development: Taking Ownership of your Learning, by Monica Burm (2015)
  • The 4 Components of a DIY Professional -Development and Toolkit, by Dave Guyman (2014)
  • 50 Free Professional Resources to Your Employees, by Entrepreneur (2015, Healther R. Huhman)

The truth is that professionalism will help your co-workers or even leaders to become more effective in running a business and interacting with people of all diversities. In today’s world, a true professional must embrace a global mindset.