Using Creative Activities to Boost Your Productivity


To be productive or not to be productive!  That is the question when it comes to standing around and wasting most of the day doing nothing.  It happens to us all at one time or another. We just don’t fill motivated or inspired to engage in work.

However, the lack of productivity can kill an organization’s financial state. Unproductive teams cause the company to lose revenue. Customer complaints pour in due to poor service.

Therefore, organizations who remain unproductive may find themselves filing bankruptcy and closing their doors for good.

Low productivity could be the result of several reasons:  inside or outside.

Inside Reasons

Many times team members are not inspired because of what’s going on inside of the company. Maybe the resources for the project’s completion aren’t available at the time. Maybe the survival of the company is in a state of uncertainty since the owner sold it to a bigger rival.  Or maybe everyone stayed up late over the weekend due to the excitement of holiday or even company celebrations.

Nevertheless, no one feels like working today. You, as the team leader, observe everyone standing around, looking for someone else to start an interest conversation or bring out some juicy gossip about what’s going on in the world. No one wants to focus and concentrate on work.

Outside Reasons

Other times, the influence is outside of the organization.   The trouble could center around one individual or more who are experiencing person problems which have become the problems of the entire group, including the team leader.

With all of the upheavals going on in the world today, it is hard to imagine how some people stay focused at work.  Such incidents as super storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and terroristic threats can dampen the morale of the team without warning.

However, the individual’s role on the team still remains vital to the success of the project. It has to be done by a certain time. Therefore, the team leader must not be afraid to approach the group in times of uncertainty and crisis.  Not only courage is called for, but also, team leaders must be sensitive to what is going while steering the team in the right direction. Such times call for creativity in leadership.

Restoration of Motivation

How can enthusiasm for the project be restored?  One way is to have team members participate in a variety of interesting and fun activities. Joyful activities have a way of energizing, unifying and motivating people to attack a lingering challenge or condition right away.

Activities to Inspire Productivity

  • Story Telling
  • Letters Sharing
  • Field Trips

Story Telling

Storytelling can be used to motivate a team that has lost its enthusiasm.  Presenting stories with lessons to be learned is a good way to awaken the drive toward productivity.  Great companies who have survived some of the worst conditions and came out shining despite them is a great story game changer.

A team member will understand that determination and perseverance are potent mindsets that cause great teams to stand out from the crowd.  A strong sense of connection with greatness will be developed.

Letter Sharing

Sharing can be fun.  For the sake of creativity, team leaders can allow team members to write letters to one another, expressing appreciation for hard work and gratitude for being a part of a great group of people.

In addition, team members should give each other feedback and provide creative ideas regarding the completion of the project. For, instance, maybe one person will suggest having an atmosphere of soft music in the background as people work on the project. (Staying alerted)

Another person may suggest going for a work around the facility at the top of every hour until the project is finished. Such routine will be a way of measuring progress.

Field Trips

Taking the team on a field trip to a successful organization has the potential to inspire motivation among team members.  Once team members get a sense of excellence while observing products and services and listening to the successful history of other organizations,  then watch out. Before you know it, the team will be anxious to get back to work and fulfill the vision of their company.

The above are only a few activities by which a team leader can restore motivation for achieving the completion of the project as well as the overall vision of the company.

Low productivity must be addressed.  Projects, tasks, and assignments must be completed with excellence and on time.  When employees are not being productive on the job, the organization will suffer, not only in terms or revenue but also in terms of quality, morale, and customer satisfaction.


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