9 Ways Key Performers Can Make Your Organization Thrive


Key performers make organizations great. Any organization without key performers will not survive in the marketplace very long.  Such organization will fail to be team oriented, fail to be highly productive, fail in quality assurance, and fail to reach and persuade customers to leave the competition.

However, an organization which selects and grows key performers will rise to the top of the marketplace and position themselves to enter the fortune 500 legacies.

The work and dedication of key performers will move an organization toward greatness. They possess a variety of unique mindsets that will not allow an organization to stagnate or go under in the marketplace.

9 Mindsets of Key Performers

Team Spirit-key performers are passionate about team spirit. They encourage others to be the best at what they do.  Their contagious spirit raising the morale of other and inspire great confidence. No team member is left behind.

Since of Ownership-the thought of not having any authority doesn’t faze key performers. They treat the organization like it is their own. If there are problems, they study the situation and recommend solutions if they cannot solve the problem themselves.

Dedication to Excellence-mediocre is the enemy to those whose performance exceeds the normal. Their passion for perfection is too strong to settle for “good enough.”  Organizations with such people will keep quality a priority.

Embrace challenges-key performers run toward challenges instead of running away from them.  They would rather fail than cower in fear.  Such people will take on all organizational challenges with an optimistic view of the outcome.

Highly productive-great performers get things done.  The thought of leaving things undone unnerves them so much that they are willing to sacrifice weekends to complete a project.

Competence-mastering their craft and refining their skills and talents are major priorities of key performers. They always believe that they can get better.

Creativity-key performers are always thinking about new ways of doing things. They love thinking outside of the box.  Great performers look for commonality in uncommon data, activities, and situational factors.

Character-a sense of honesty and integrity in work and relationships are major commitments of great performers. They know that what goes around comes around.  They accept their team members and treat them with the utmost respect.

Communication-maintaining a verbal connection with each of their team member is very important to key performers. They understand that any communication lapse can spell trouble in the organization. Therefore, they are always mindful of the state of others and the challenges that fellow team members might be facing.

The Way to Excellence

Organizations with these types of key performers cannot fail to excel in the marketplace. Fortune 500 companies are often populated with these types of employees and teams.  With such dynamic people running the organization the chances of failure are slim. Accelerated growth, enhanced market share and rising revenue are the rewards of an organization that is populated with great performers.



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