An unhealthy office environment will negatively affect all organizational employees if it isn’t handled immediately and professionally.

Undue stress and all its symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, medical emergencies and all other, hurt, harm and dangers must be eliminated and replaces by an office environment where safety, security, and cleanliness take center stage.

Otherwise, productivity, high morale, and employee satisfaction will be the result.

It cannot be overstated that office health must take priority over any other matter in an organization. Four of the most important dangers must be controlled with preventive measures and constant maintenance.

These dangers include water spillage, cluttered spaces, tall, sharp and unstable objects, faulty equipment, unsecured or exposed-  wiring. Each year millions of employees get injured due to these types of workplace hazards, many resulted in expensive lawsuits.
Unwholesome vapors, dust, fumes, mist, and gas make up the chemical dangers found in the workplace environment. As these chemical build up year after year, the more toxic they become to the employees that inhale them. Installing a good ventilation system will prevent these types of chemical dangers.
These dangers include microorganisms or bacteria and viruses, including germs, fungi, and parasites can be contagious when an environment is not properly decontaminated. Spoiled food left in desk, or bad hygiene, tainted blood or bodily floods can all lead to serious illnesses and infections.
Depending on the type of workplace environment, employees may be in dangers of being exposed to radiation from scanners, X-ray machines, microwaves as well as company computers, and electrical wiring. These dangers must be minimized with less usage. Employees who work in the workplace where nuclear materials are a constant reality are especially pronged to radiation exposure.

Preventing these workplace dangers is as much a part of organization success as is a fully formed marketing plan. Without healthy employees, a company will not be competitive or successful in the marketplace.

In fact, a company that neglects the health and well-being of its employees will be in danger of a ruined reputation that will take a miracle to rebuild.

Healthy office environments must be the top priority whether a company is a start-up or a popular retail giant. Many organizations have been ruined by costly lawsuits initiated by employees who have experienced medical emergencies.

The greatest solution to an unhealthy workplace environment is to abide by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and allow a health and safety specialist to come and train all employees in the matter of workplace safety and security.