Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Cloud Computing?


The Advantages of Cloud Computing-Organizations: the Cloud is a state of the art infrastructure for sharing knowledge, applications, networks and other informational resources.  Purpose driven organizations invested in the cloud can manage its processes from one central platform.

Whether your  purpose driven organization is large or small, investing in The Cloud is an intelligent decision for several reasons.

3 Reasons for Investing in Cloud Computing

First, an organization will no longer have to worry about implementing mind-boggling information systems to effectively manage its processes.  Such difficult tasks as managing storage systems, installing hardware, software, and running servers for the smooth operation of the business can be delegated to The Cloud.


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Second, cloud computing is cost efficient. Organizations don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware and software systems to handle payroll, sales transactions, and various others critical resources.  All the resources that an organization needs are already integrated into the cloud.

Third, Cloud computing provides immense security for an organization.  Cloud-oriented companies don’t have to worry about the loss of information. For example, if a computer crashes or information is destroyed by fire or by a natural disaster, an organization that is invested in the cloud don’t have to panic because the information is all safe and secure within the empire of the cloud.

Small Companies

For small companies, Cloud computing can be a godsend.  Small businesses will most likely have a low budget which will not allow them to purchase the type of resources and equipment that large organizations enjoy.

To be successful, large organizations must purchase information systems for storing data, hiring IT specialist for maintaining computer hardware and software systems and investing in expensive servers for handling transactions and demands doing peak times. Small business will certainly be left out in the cold when it comes to buying such technology.

However, using The Cloud makes purchasing the above resources unnecessary.  Instead, a small business can take advantage of the same advanced technology as that of large organizations.

A good thing is that small companies don’t’ have to worry about installing the systems, which are already integrated into the massive infrastructure of the cloud.  With a minimum investment, a manager of a small organization can purchase a license for whatever he or she needs to effectively prosper the company.

The Cloud possesses a massive server which will give small organizations the same type of computing power that large organizations utilize.

Large Companies

Large companies can simply cut cost by eliminating expensive servers, hardware and software systems that cost millions of dollars a year. The Cloud allows large organizations to drastically downsize when it comes to costly technological resources.

Dedicating all networks, hardware and software, information storage, and server maintenance to The Cloud enables a purpose driven organization to do what it does best: focus on pleasing the customer and making a difference in the industry.

The bottom line is that Cloud computing results in accelerated business growth, greater innovation, and highly effective collaboration. Cloud computing brings a massive connection of people, organizations, and resources together to share, discuss, challenge, debate, annotate or repurpose critical information and resources.


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