Debunking “The Need to Keep Up with High Tech Auto” Myth


Are you excited about every new automobile feature that hits the market? Are you ready to upgrade every time of a new breakthrough in high tech auto appear on the scene? Advanced safety features, social media ready, electric, self-driving, and flying cars are the reality of today’s automobile industry. However, you don’t necessary need to possess such advanced automobile technology to experience joy and happiness.

If you purchase automobile technology that you don’t really need, you are wasting valuable cash that could go toward other potential expenses, such as paying the mortgage and improving the roof on your 30-year home. If you purchase only the auto tech necessary you can enjoy your basic equipped Hyundai Sonata or Kia k9 without being financially stretched.

For a quality automobile, you need only the necessary technologies to experience a decent ride.

You don’t need a car adorned with expensive luxuries. All you need is a good automobile, one with the following factors:

  • Good engine & transmission
  • Low gas mileage to save money
  • Air conditioning for those sizzling summer days
  • Basic sound system (CD player, Radio)
  • Basic safety features (air bags, front & back)
  • Common name brand (Toyota, Hyundai)
  • Decent price range (one that won’t stretch your budget)

The above are the essentials of a descent automobile. Such a simple car can provide a descent ride wherever you desire to go.

Advertisements will make you think that you need the latest technological equipped vehicle to impress friends and family. These optional technologies include:

  • High powered engine & transmission
  • Dynamic horsepower & Top spends ranging from 150 to 200 mph)
  • Sophisticated surround sound system (specialized music programs)
  • Luxury features (heated seats, tinted windows, leather interior)
  • Advanced safety features (back camera, lane change alerts, etc.)
  • Price range (2/4 of a $200 mortgage)

Although automobile accessories are wonderful to have, you don’t have to own them to be admired by your competitive friends. Besides, they don’t pay your bills.

Don’t Let Sophisticated Automobiles fool You

Watch out for the sophisticated features of today’s automobiles.  Becoming obsessed with features can also cause you to overly rely on them instead of using your own common sense. For example, if you purchase a car with rearview mirrors, you may no longer think its importance enough to look behind you while backing up or if you have land changing technology, you may not feel that it is necessary to keep your car within the lanes.

Remember: Your neighbors don’t pay your bills

Competing with your neighbor or ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ will financially break you if you are not careful. Do you feel that you need to upgrade your car each time you neighbor across the street buys a sophisticated automobile car each year? If you answered yes, then you are unwilling to allow your neighbor to stand out from the crowd. So, you spend unnecessary money high-end automobiles or accessories for the sake of impressing others.

What you must understand is that being flashy with high tech auto don’t’ bring joy and happiness in life.  Instead, if you become content and thankful for what you already have, you will experience all the happiness and freedom you’ll ever need.

Most of all, you will save money because you no longer believe that you need the latest automobile technology to lead a quality lifestyle.



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