Wonder Woman 2017, A Spectacular Super Hero’s display of fierceness, Loyalty, and Empatheticism

The 2017 Wonder Women is a film about a super hero based on the DC movie idea of a female who possesses supernatural powers designed to defeat evil and uphold justice.

The film starts out on a secluded island paradise populated by powerful Amazon women created by Zeus to protect the earth from His Arch Enemy Ares. The goal of the Amazons is to seek out and destroy Ares so that men will once again love one another as Zeus intended.

Diana, princess of the Amazons, was the one chosen above all others to destroy Ares. However, her mother initially didn’t want her involved in war training. But the passion Diana possessed to become an Amazon warrior was undeniable. Her mother surrendered resistance and allowed Diana to train for War until she became the fiercest of Amazon women.

The drama begins when Diana encounters Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who somehow enters the paradisiacal dimension and crashes into the blue waters which surround the spectacular Island.  Diana saves him from drowning.

Both Diana and Steve Trevor become partners in the war when Diana leaves her Island home to go help some mankind from a massive war which threatens to end all wars.

When I first walked in to the theater, I didn’t realize that I didn’t think that the movie would satisfy me beyond what I had already scene in Wonder Women movies. However, I was delighted to never find myself entertaining a moment of boredom.

No long, boring pace problems. I was entertained from the beginning. Even the transitional quiet scenes where interested. The chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor was delightful and touching, especially when the Steve Trevor did the unthinkable to save mankind.


an action packed, martial art-oriented display of power and might by Gal Gadot, artistic display of fighting artistiry by Amazon warriors during invasion scene

a dramatic display of war weaponry and machinary vs supernatural godlike power of wonder woman

the spectacular fight scene between Gal Gadot and Ares (played by David Thewlis)

Strong chemistry with a touch of romance between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine as they work to save the world from destruction by hydrogen gas


If you are looking for modern war scenery you will not find it. The time and location of the battles occur in WW1.

Wonder Woman is a spectacular movie designed for super hero lovers of all ages.  In fact, many critics rate this version of wonder woman the best of the DC Wonder woman movies.

Seeing this movie is a must for all the avid DC movie enthusiast who desires to see the Spectacular Wonder Women, a movie that will be ranked with the best of the best super hero movies for decades to come.