Impressive Benefits of a Good Credit Card Score

Possessing a good credit card score is the key to being able to afford the most cherished and luxurious things of life, including a home, automobile, a family and the ability to take an annual vacation. Without a good credit card score, you will struggle in living a life of quality and peace.  High interest rates will be attached to almost every valuable thing you buy.

Before I obtained a good credit score, I struggled with finding and renting a decent apartment. Most of the places I desired to live where in quiet and peaceable neighborhoods. People respected each other and took time out to stop and chat along their daily journeys.

However, before of my low credit score, I couldn’t qualify for a good apartment. Instead, I had to settle for a little studio apartment in an oppressed neighborhood. The fear of adjustment was real. I hardly ventured out of the house after dark.  At every moment, I had to look over my shoulders for possible trouble.

Pros of a Good Credit Card Score

  • Options for buying the finer things of life
  • Easily qualify for mortgage loans
  • Ability to purchase at a low interest rate
  • Monetary security for emergency situations
  • Proof of good money management
  • Peace of mind
  • Viewed as credit worthy

Cons of a Low Credit Card Score

  • Low quality of life
  • High interest purchases
  • Inability to borrow a loan
  • Low credit worthiness

The value of a good credit card score is obvious. You are in complete control of your spending habits, evidenced by how you can sustain good credit.

A good credit card score will pave the way for a sense of fulfillment in the financial area. When you have an option to purchase the finer things in life at a low interest rate, you feel in control of your happiness and peace.

To maintain a high credit score, you must continue to pay off your entire credit card bill every month without fail. One month of missed payments can affect your credit rating. In fact, not only musty your pay your credit card bills every month, you must make sure you are not behind in any payment of your bills, including utility and mortgage bills.

Warning: not only must you maintain good credit, you must also protect your credit from those who are out to ruin it. Therefore, you must not leave your credit card lying around so that other people can take a glimpse at your name, account number, and expiration date.  With such information, thieves can wrack havoc on your financial lively hood.