How to find something Interesting to watch on television? You Don’t Have to be Bored.


Do you need to find something interesting to watch on TV when all other options are off the table?  Maybe, severe weather is keeping you from going outside or late-night hours are keeping you from going to bar.

If you’re like many people, sitting quietly and doing nothing can be unbearable. You hate such times because it seems you’re going out of your mind.

Things You’ll Need

  • Remote
  • TV
  • Cable box
  • Comfortable Couch

First, identify your interests

What TV programs do you like to watch? If you haven’t watched TV in months or even decades, then you will have to recall the programs you watched as a child.  Your choices are enormous:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • News
  • Reality shows
  • Talk shows
  • Game shows
  • Comedy shows
  • Videos
  • Cartoons
  • Cooking shows
  • Educational programs
  • Medical programs
  • Governmental programs

Get rid of distractions. You cannot focus on finding an interesting TV program if you are bothered by loud outside noises or a floor cluttered with cans, bottles and spilt soda. Make yourself comfortable. Straighten up the room. Close the windows.

Take your remote and turn on the cable box and the TV. Press the menu and scroll down the list to see if you see something interesting.

Avoid rushing through the channels. You can’t zero in on anything appealing if you are flipping through the numbers.

Think about what you can watch that will provide an interesting conversation to discuss with friends and family the next day.  With such perspective, you will not only be thinking about yourself but also what you can share with others.

Watch the news. Something interesting or shocking is always occurring somewhere around the world. A good topic to talk about would be the event that happened in your own neck of the town. As for as something to engage friends and family, the news will never let your down.

Switch on and enjoy an old movie. The Andy Griffin Show, Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, The Wild, Wild West, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, Little House on the Prairie, and much more are sure to bring back those memories of those carefree, childhood days.

Flip on a music channel. Relax but have fun. Get up off the couch and bust a few moves that you haven’t down in years. Do you still have it? At least you will feel good grooving to the tunes that resonate with your heart and experience.

Go to a comedy channel. Get in some laughs. Before long, you will forget about all your boredom and laugh the time away.

3 Tips

If you can’t find anything on TV, make sure you have a box of movies that you can always grab and throw into the Blue ray player. Make sure that it is a movie that you can never get tired of watching.

Borrow a friends X-box if you cannot afford one on your own. You can waste the time away competing against some demonic force that is attempting to take over the world.

Integrate your TV with You Tube. There are tons of videos that you can watch on the TV screen, tons of weird and insane videos. The options of vast.  Discover how to do this by finding a video illustrated how to set up this You Tube, TV integration.

Caution: Humor

Don’t let boredom ruin your free time. Avoid doing something crazy that you will later regret. Stay away from getting stoned, or drunk and disturbing your neighbors by running up and down the hallways knocking on doors. And don’t kick your cat.


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