The 7 Most Destructive Ills of American Society and the Road to Greatness

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A great nation is one in which all citizens hold fast to a common vision as well as a positive way of life in which habits and routines are practiced for the sake of growth and progress in all levels of society, including personal life, home life, workplace, school, church, and community.

Is the American Society there Yet? Of course not!

Historically, I imagine very few nations, if any, have been able to reach such quality of greatness. However, I believe that it’s possible to come close to such glory.

The measure of a nation’s greatness is determined by asking a simple question. Is society getting better day by the day?

If we were to apply this question to our nation America, the opinions will greatly vary. However, I believe that 7 of the most destructive ills plaguing this nation include: bad attitudes, illegal drugs, gun violence, self-preoccupation, racial tensions, corruptive music, and lack of godliness.

Bad Attitudes

bad attitude

Bad attitudes are problems that are destroying the very fabric of the nation. The terrible things that are happening around the nation due to bad attitudes are extremely shameful and immature. Road rage, prejudice, animosity toward good things and people, and lack of concern for the wellbeing of people within our own surroundings is tearing neighborhoods and communities apart.

Something must be dramatically done to put an end to this madness.  If people set back and allow this to happen, then the love and kindness of America will be a thing of the pass.

Greatness will never come to a divided nation.

Illegal Drugs

illegal drugs

Illegal drugs are an epidemic in America. The spread of illegal drugs in the American society is a problem that might be too late to stop.  However, there is always and answer and it must be found if mental sanity is going to prevail.

The availability of drugs has grown since the hippy oriented sixties. First, there was the growth of marijuana in the 60.s, then came cocaine and crack cocaine, along with an outbreak of even more powerful illegal drugs, including heron, meth, and PCP.

Each year, there are thousands of drugs overdoses or killings related to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in the United States.

Gun Violence

gun violence

Will it ever stop rising in some cities across the United States? The problem of gun violence is so extreme that to go outside places you in mortal danger. The extreme gun violence in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, LA and St. Louise will certainly deter people from coming to these cities. In fact, many people who are already there are looking to escape the violence by moving elsewhere.

The government must play a greater role in ending gun violence. If gun violence is ignored, the danger of losing a son or daughter, a spouse, a leader or a group of people will increase year after year.

In some cities, according to statistics and the news, it appears that gun violence increases on a yearly basis. Take, for example, Chicago. On any giving weekend, up to one hundred or more people could be shots, some even killed.

This is an extremely dangerous problem that all entities of the government, both local and nationally must address soon or many cities will become like a third world country.

The guns must be taken out of the hands of irresponsibility young people who’d rather resolve all their problems via gun violence.


self preoccupation


What happened to natural kindness? Is getting to know strangers no longer the means of making friends and influencing people? The reason why people don’t reach out to strangers anymore is largely due to several things, including mobile technology.  Due to this very valuable but obsessive mechanism, we ignore others daily.

But our lives will be nothing without establishing a connection with strangers. The people we don’t know can do a lot for us if we are willing to find out. For example, if you have been spending months looking for a job without luck, the stranger in your vicinity may be the lead to the job of your dreams. He or she may be working in the very place you have been trying to get in for years. Their reference, when you apply for employment, may be priceless.

Living in a state of loneliness can be quite devastating. It affects our mental state as well as our health because human nature was designed to create strong bonds, wrapped in love. Facebook is insufficient to fulfill this need and is only a shadow of genuine face to face communication.

If we think that we can live this life alone, without the general kindness of others, we will find ourselves in desolation with no one to turn to for help and assistance in the times of need. And such unfortunate times are guaranteed to come. It’s part of life.   Therefore, let’s stay off our smartphones, look up and notice those around us, and prepare to meet that stranger who intrigues us the most.

Racial Tensions

racial tension

Will it ever end? Of course not, unless people come to accept the fact that we all possess the same colored blood. Unless there are major mental adjustments, the dangers of racial tension in the nation will continue to grow and erode the quality of life all citizen.

We can ignore this and say that it is not a problem, but such ignorance will never bring about the changes needed to send a nation on the right course.

A new perception of race must be adopted if the nation is going to even approach the thought of becoming great. No nation which judged individuals by the color of their skin or by the routines and habits of their culture was never great or ever will be great.

The truth is that there was only an illusion of greatness for those who considered themselves highly privileged.

Moreover, if racial tension is ignored, then a divided nation will be even more divided, destroying the opportunity to become a nation that the entire world can both honor and envy.

Corruptive Music

bad music

I am an avid music lover and a musician. But I can say without a doubt that some music is very corruptive to society.

Music has the power to create bonds or destroys unity with lyrics that foster and sustain negative beliefs and attitudes toward individuals, groups as well as nations.

Studies indicate that music can help us focus, stay inspired and motivated, improve our emotional, mental and physical health through therapy. The sound of good music impacts us by stimulated the Alpha waves in our brain.

Nevertheless, music can also stimulate anger, hatred, immorality, and disrespect toward society and the people that populate it. Denial of this fact is strong, but music affects the heart, mind, and soul of over individual under its sway.  Therefore, be wary of the music you listen to.

Lack of Godliness

lack of godliness


Anything Goes! All is Well! The lack of godliness in America has reached epidemic propositions. The extreme hatred for the values and principles of God in the United States is growing mightily year by year, month by month and week by week.

What went wrong? Accelerated destructions begin when the freedom to pray and its power in schools was disallowed and many bibles were banned from the workplace. Morality went backwards not forward. Families became divided not united. Society became weaker, not stronger.

Offer up strong prayers for good leadership.

People who believed that they knew more than God changed the course of history for the worse. The controversy is so powerful that I will not even to attempt to discuss it here in this piece of writing.

The Call for Godly Principles


Nevertheless, America must return to godly principles and godly thought if the USA is going to be great. This is the one and only way to avoid utter destruction. Seriously, depending on anything else is a mistake. Depending on the mighty military to prevent the inner deterioration of a nation’s strength is only an illusion.

Remember Rome! Possibly one he the greatest kingdoms that ever ruled the earth. The beginning of its destruction started within not without. The erosive weakness within made it possible for the destruction from without.

The same internal conditions plague America. Immorality is beginning to reach its peak. What will be next?

If the transformative principles of spirituality are ignored there is truly no hope for America, regardless of who is in the White house. If we forget about God all is lost.  And the hope for greatness will only be an illusion of fools.

The beginning of prayers must proceed all other initiatives. This is the road to greatness.







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