The EZ Wood Project Designer-A Godsend for the Creative Project Builder


Do you have the desire to build creative wood products but just don’t have the sophisticated equipment to engage the hobby? Do you imagine building your own special product such as bookcases, cabinets, gun racks, and chairs but don’t know too much about woodwork?

Well, EZ Wood Project Designer is the tool for you. The tool is not a software. All you need is a pencil and a creative imagination to get started. You will receive a unique set of guidelines, templates, and guidelines that will help you start building projects like a pro.

Who is EZ Wood Project Designer For?

EZ Wood Project Designer is for both beginning and expert alike. The unique approach to designing and bringing wood projects to life is fascinated and fun. If you are a beginner, you will surprise yourself by the wonderful projects you can create. If you are an expert, you will learn how to design and build a project without using a selection of sophistications tools and machinery.


I have always wanted to build my own projects. When I was in high school, I build my first gun rack and hung it proudly in the front room. That was when I was in high school. But now as an adult, EZ Wood Project Designer allows me to build my own chairs, cabinets, and tables for various uses around the house.

Testimonies from Avid Woodworkers

I am not the only one. Avid woodworkers who have purchased the EZ Wood Project Designer have enjoyed the program tremendously. Some have even built projects for family and neighbors.

Here is what Paden C. and Nicki says about EZ Wood Project Designer:

“I’ve been wanting to make some pieces that just fit my space. I’m a little familiar with woodworking but not confident enough to jump into a project. This book gives good definitions and instructions.” Paden C.

“I love how this book begins with the simple steps to build a box, and then shows how to build furniture with the box structure like an entry-way table or bookshelf, etc.” NIckion

What Instructions and Materials Come with EZ Wood Project Designer?

Unique Set of Cube Templates:

  • Basic Cube: for designing and building cabinets, tables, work benches, sheds and playhouses
  • Tall Cube: bookcases, cabinets, outdoor projects
  • Wide Cube: decks, patios, stairs, retaining walls, flower beds, and water gardens

Unique Materials to Get the Projects Working:

  • Easy Magic Drawing Tool: allowing you to sketch your project in 3D
  • Plywood cutter diagram: for laying out your special projects
  • Scale ruler: for drawing dimensions
  • EZ Cutting Guide: helps you determine the number and size of wooden boards needed for project; cutting guide measurements include 1×2, 1×4, 1x 10, 2×4, and 2×6
  • Pilot hole Guide: shows where to drill holes, includes common board size templates; 1x Boards, 2x boards, and plywood template
  • 3 Easy Projects with step by step instructions; projects include cutting station, a 2×4 workbench and a solid pine bookcase.
  • Time line template; pinpoint steps necessary for completing projects
  • Material list; help you determine needed materials, including quantity and priced necessary for building project

Armed with these magnificent DIY guidelines, templets, and diagrams, you will be able to get started and see the results right away. As an avid woodworker, you will arise in the mornings with the knowledge that you are able to build almost anything with the crystal-clear guidelines and instructions of the EZ Wood Project Designer

Benefits of Using EZ Project Designer:

  • Build Your Own Creative Projects
  • No Expensive machinery
  • Build Projects with Confidence and Competence
  • Save Money and Time with EZ Project Designer
  • Easy to follow Steps and Instructions

Price of EZ Project Designer

You can get the entire project for the low price of $30.00 with money back guarantee

My Final Opinion on EZ Project Designer

This magnificent wood working program is well worth the time and money. Imagine being able to build your own creative project whenever you want EZ Project Designer Knowledge and skill. If you truly like to build, then this all in one tool will provide a constant state of creative joy.

Are You Ready to Embrace the EZ Project Designer:  Click Here! for more information



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