Adele’s “Send My Love” Lyrics: Another Breakup Song with a Powerful Message


Her songs captivate millions around the world with her soul-stirring lyrics. Her powerful voice has joined the likes of Shirley Bassey in providing sound tracks for iconic James Bond movies. Sky fall was her first James Bond debut song, which undoubted enriched the massive attendance. Adele, the British icon whose voice rule the world of romantic ballads, has once again touched the heart of millions.

Now Adele has released yet another great song: “Send My Love (To Your New Lover). The song is obvious a beautiful Ballard representing a breakup song. The lyrics portray a lover who has forgiven her former lover and wishes the best for him. The lyric, which is the song title, “Send my Love (to Your New Lover) proves that a former has accepted that the relationship is finished.

They “don’t kiss anymore,” is a lyric that indicates the end of the love they once had between one another. She is pleased that he has sat her free.

The Message in the Lyrics “Send My Love”

Embedded in the song is a great lesson. Breakups don’t have to be nasty. The best thing two former lovers can do is to wish each other well.

I have known couples who didn’t follow this route. Many of these breakups were nasty. Sometimes the well-being of one spouse becomes threatened to a point that a restraining order must be implemented.

The lesson in” Send My Love” discourages violence

I knew a man who set a church consisted of an upper family home on fire just to get back at his wife who was living there at the time and who was about to divorce him. Obviously, he didn’t want her to leave him. At stake was not only the life of his wife but also the life of the Pastor and his entire family. Luckily, the family, including his ex-wife, escaped before the church was engulfed in flames.

Scenarios, involving violent separations, play out throughout the world daily. But nasty breakups hurt everyone, not just the victim of one, but also the perpetrator as well. Jail time and regrets are the results of extreme cases of bad separations.

“Send My Love” encourages a new beginning

Forgiving one another and moving on is what the song encourages, signifying a new beginning for both partners. Such mentality should be portrayed in all breakups, allowing time for each person to heal, learn lessons and start again with new knowledge and wisdom to love again.

The value of this song is undeniable. We need more songs by iconic song artists such as Adele, who is idolized by millions. Situational songs with positive, uplifting messages are what the ears and hearts of a troubled world need to here for years to come. Adele is delivering on this message, powerfully.


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