Why Teachers Shouldn’t Be Facebook Friends with Students


Becoming Facebook friend with students is an issue that should never be taken lightly. All types of possible traps are at the ready when the relationship between teacher and student reaches outside of the classroom.

First you are an adult. Your student is a minor if he or she is still in grade school. The Facebook connection becomes a problem when indecent videos or images appear on your site which minors should not be allowed to see.

The Problem with Indecent Videos or Images


To allow a student to see indecent videos or images could land you in hot water with parents and administration. Lawsuits could also be filed against you.

Verdict: Keep your relationship with student in the classroom. There are three additional reasons for my position.

Reason 1: The best choice as a teacher is to keep your relationship with your student strictly educational. Students need to know that you are serious enough about their education that you would rather risk becoming more personal with them. If you become Facebook friends with students, they may take your authority in the classroom for granted. 

Reason 2: Due to the recent immoral relationships between students and teachers, it is better to not risk the possibility of being framed if something weird goes down.  There is a possibility if the student becomes angry with you, he or she could lie about the relationship, stretching things out of proportion.

Reason 3: becoming Facebook friends with students should only be accepted after the students graduate from high school. I have several students who have become Facebook friends, but only after they had graduated and become young adults. Allow students to know that you are looking out for the best interest of both you and your students.

The Bottom-line

Become Facebook friends at your own risk. It doesn’t really matter if parents permit it.  The wrong move could trigger suspicions and you will be at the center of attention, perhaps even in the media. The evidence will point heavily toward you due to your personal Facebook connection.

Enjoy your students in the classroom. Any event outside of the classroom should be strictly geared toward increasing the education of your students. This includes fieldtrips and home visits to talk with parents.



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