Wealthy Affiliate vs. Digital Marketer! Best Two Training Platforms for Achieving Marketing Dreams

digital marketing

Digital Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate are two of the most profitable training school oriented platforms for marketers who are serious about making a living in the industry. Having been a member of both online marketing schools, my overall knowledge of marketing has skyrocketed 100%

The goal of both marketing schools is to equip marketers for achieving a life of excellence in their business in terms of reaching appropriate target audiences and presented their brands using the most effective strategies.

However, I need to clarify the difference between digital marketing and affiliate marketing. Digital marketing strictly involves marketing digital products online while affiliate marketing can include both digital marketing and regular marketing when it comes to getting products in the hands of customers.

An affiliate marketing can be anyone who sells someone’s else’s products or services and gets a certain percentage of the product. A digital marketing can sell his or her own product or service in addition to selling brands belonging to others.

Fascinating things about both marketing programs are thoroughness of their training. Let’s look at the training which Digital Marketer offers members: The Digital Lab includes a collection of what is called Execution plans, specific aspects of digital marketing.

Execution Plan

  • How to SEO a WordPress Website
  • The Content Engine: cranking out share worthy, clickable content
  • How to build an optimize the perfect product page
  • 21-day launch plan
  • How to build and write Your first landing page
  • How to get your first 1000 subscribers and more
  • 5-step Pin interest promoted pin traffic plan


Other Tools and Resources:

  • Digital Engage-Community: Feedback, Advice, Critique
  • Digital Marketing Tool Box
  • Digital Marketing Deals
  • What’s Working Now: Articles, videos on latest Marketing Trends
  • Digital marketing also offers mastery courses designed to equip you with superior knowledge of various aspects of the marketing industry.

Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform is equally impressive in training affiliate marketers for successful marketing careers.  WF offers a boot camp, classrooms and videos as well as other resources needed to launch a superior marketing campaign.

Boot Camp Training includes:

    • Knowing your audience and Catapulting your referrals
    • Content, keyword, and conversions
    • Getting visual and aesthetic
    • Getting your business rolling
    • Giving your site social value

  • Bing, Yahoo, and the power of PPC
  • How to Scale a Successful PPC Campaign
  • Additional Tools and Resources
  • Site run: build your website


  • Live video classes
  • Website and hosting
  • WA affiliate program
  • Affiliate Classrooms
  • Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool
  • Jaaxy: Advanced Keyword Tool
  • Rapid writer and much more

Both Online marketing academies are vast.  I have only touched the service of what both magnificent programs offer to aspiring marketers. In addition to the comprehensive training resources and tools, both programs have a thriving community to help you with any question you may have if you become a member.

Cost of Membership

Although both programs are elevated level marketing schools designed to effectively train aspiring marketers, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and build a website immediately with access to several free resources. You can become a premium member late. The regular cost in $49.00 a month, but the first month is %50 of the regular cost.

As far as Digital Marketer, the program doesn’t offer free membership, but it does offer marketers an opportunity to purchase individual Execution Plans for under $30.00. However, the monthly membership cost is only a few dollars more than the cost of an Execution plan.

The $37.00 monthly membership plan gives you access to the entire digital lab and all its execution plans in addition to another knowledge basis.

Which Marketing Program is Right for You?

It depends. If you want to Learn how to build your own website, master SEO on an intimate basis, and become a member of a thriving community, you should go ahead with Wealthy Affiliate. This community grows together. The members really care about one another. You can ask for comments and recommendations on your writing and get an immediate response.

Digital Marketer offers you a community as well, but it is not as intimately involved with one another as the community associated with Wealthy Affiliate.  However, you can get support from an established community of experts who are always at the ready to help you achieve your goals.

If you are an advanced marketer and just want training in selling your own product, I would recommend Digital Marketer. But if you are a beginner, or interesting in marketing the products and services of others, you should go with Wealthy Affiliate.