New Automobile Technology: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


New automobile technology is designed to provide a quality transportation experience while drivers travel from one place to another. The extraordinary comfort and stunning attractiveness of a brand-new Lexus can evoke a great deal of excitement. However, you don’t have to dump your old car every year and invest in new car technology.

If you have a good engine, car brakes, batteries, and tires, you can get from A to B without spending a lot of money on the most advanced automobile technology. The funny thing about new automobile technology it that changes from year to year. New cars with advance capacities supersede those introduced in the previous years.

Automobiles with Extraordinary abilities includes such features as:

    • Lane departure warning
    • Heated seats
    • Auto climate control
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Blue tooth

  • Rear Parking sensor
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection
  • Drivers blind spot mirror
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rearview camera and more

These are impressive features designed to provide extra ordinary safety, security and comfort on the road. However, the same luxuries can result in laziness when it comes to practicing old fashioned safety awareness for yourself as well as neighbors.

Next Generation Super Cars

  • Flying Cars-Terrafugia (TF-X)
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Speed oriented car, including the Bugatti Chiron (not race cars)

As technology becomes more advances super cars very well may become the norm, transforming the entire transportation system as we now know it.

Choosing to Be a Standard Car Owner

There is no shame in holding tight to your standard car with just the quality basics. At least you can:

  • Get from A to B and from B to A
  • Enjoy traveling without an enormous car note
  • Rely on a quality engine, good brakes, battery, and tires.

As a standard car owner, you get to avoid all the attention and jealousies you may experience due to a constant diet of new automobile technology.

New Automobile Technology & Your Relationships

Ignore competitive neighbors, friends and family members who make fun of your standard car and leave you out of their conversations. If you fall into the trap and attempt to please them by purchasing new automobile technology you might regret it letter when your money you couldn’t afford to waste is no longer there.

However, if you stay strong and enjoy your standard car, you will have the satisfactions of realizing that you can be happy without all the glitter that comes with owning a state of the art car.  Freedom from a huge car note and other possible expenses that come with new automobile technology. True happiness comes with enjoying those who you love and who loves you back under any circumstances.

Who Buys New Automobile Technology?

High-end, stunning attractive cars the collective toys of those who are super rich. They can afford them without wonderful how the mortgage is going to get paid or where the money to send the children to college is going to come from.

Those who can justifiably splurge their money on super cars are those who don’t have to worry about money at all.

Buying the latest automobile technology is their cup of tea. A car costing three digits doesn’t shake their financial confidence as it would people who live on a modest income.

If You Can’t Buy It, Don’t Try It!

I have known people who ignored their modest financial condition and purchased futuristic automobile technology and suffered the shame of getting their car repossessed under the gazes of people in the neighborhood.

Therefore, if you cannot afford new automobile technology, don’t try to obtain prestige and popularity at the expense of you and your family’s livelihood. Love and freedom from debt can bring more joy and happiness than any super car.


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