The Courage to Introduce Your Talents to the World

Possessing exceptional talents or gifts is a godsend, but if you continue to hide your talents in your local community or private circles, you will never rise to the status of stardom. Great talents put themselves in positions to be discovered.

Today’s world offers several platforms for gifted people to make their talented selves known to the hungry eyes of the world.

I recommend that you enter contests with readymade-audience that can observe your performance and give you the go ahead to higher ground and brighter lights. But you must have the strong courage to present yourself to the judgement of others. Nevertheless, Extraordinary talent doesn’t hesitate to go forward. Instead, it smiles in the face of challenge and moves forward anyway.

Some of the most popular talent contest includes:

American Idol

American Idol is an extremely popular singing contest platform designed to introduce and produce talented song artists. Some of the most popular of song artist created by American Idol includes Kelly Clarkson, Carry Underwood, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson.

Hopeful singers sign up for the popular talent show by sending a demo of their singing and auditioning for the show.

The show travels around the country searching for talent and provides audiences in various cities across the nation.

The Voice

Like American Idol, The Voice is also another popular talent show designed for top song artist who desires to make their talents known to the world. The talent participating in the voice appears to be more established than that of American Idol. However, the fame of the winners is not as sustainable, especially when it comes to growing popularity, as that of American Idol.

Nevertheless, the Voice is a Fantastic show that might be the most interesting and offer an easier opportunity for those who are intimidated by the American Idol craze.

America’s God Talent

America’s God Talent is another popular talent show, which not only invites promising song artist but also accepts all types of talented people. If you can do anything exceptional well that people like to watch, then you might just be a candidate to appear on the all-around talent show.

Send in a demo of your talents and receive an invitation to showcase your stuff.

The Shark Tank

If you are introducing a new product or service to the world, there is a popular TV program designed for inventors and entreprenues. It’s called The Shark Tank. The show offers an opportunity you might want to consider. To appear on the show is a blessing because, even if you don’t get any money for your invention, you do get the exposure that can lead you to others who are willing to invest in your ideas.

It takes tremendous courage to appear on Shark Tank and face the possible rejection of the sharks without being embarrassed but the opportunity is worth the cost.

You Tube

Going viral is a popular phrase among You Tube users. If you make a video showcasing your talent, people may like it so much that you can get massive amounts of viewers to like, share and comment on your video.

Many talented song artists, actors, comedians, and ordinary people with interesting presentations have become famous due to having the courage to introduce their talents and gifts to the eyes of millions of the world.

Other Popup Talent Contests

Enter every contest that is relevant to your talents. There are many popup talents shows that appear before a mass audience. Some shows only last for a season or two. Your goal is to first introduce your talents for the sake of getting discovered.

Never back down from a challenge. It is the opportunity that may only come once in your lifetime. You’ll regret it if you must live with the guilt of not taking advantage of your moment in time.

Introducing your talents or gifts to the world will require you to muster up every ounce of courage you possess, but you must move forward. Do not fail.