The cost of legalizing drugs will send a great nation into the grips of hell and death. Desolation, mental and physical oppression and extreme violence would certainly destroy the interior of the American Society.

Will Drug Legalization be Profitable?

It would most likely be profitable for former drug dealers who are given the go ahead to sell drugs legally. The allowance may even create jobs or boost the economy to some extent. Interested people who would ordinarily avoid buying drugs would probable buy it now.

However, it would not be profitable for drug users. The constant usage of a drug such as cocaine would take away the ability to effectively lead a successful and quality lifestyle. Because drug dependency would skyrocket, the fabric of society would continue to deteriorate.

drug legalization


  • Drug dealers will profit
  • Local economy grows
  • Drug arrest becomes unnecessary


  • Society Deteriorates rapidly

What will the Impact Be?

Personal life

A person on drugs will not be motivated to do much without his or her drugs. Taking care of responsibilities and duties would be the last resort. Circumstances could get so bad that ordinary thing such as hygiene would take second place to another hit or snort.

Home life

The home life would be in crisis. The practice of good values will become less and less significant as the lust of drugs will become an overwhelming passion. Neglect of family responsibility such as child rearing will be in jeopardy.


The workplace will no longer be a place of productivity. Drugs will be used to enhance performance and to relieve the lackluster mood of a day. People will just want to get home and lose themselves into an altered state of reality.

School Life

College classrooms would become places in which students will sit there stoned. Their attention span would go in and out of zero. Because of the influence of possible drugs, they would not be able to stay totally absorbed and interesting in the topic at hand.

Illegal drug usage doesn’t create a sharp mind or a mind for learning. Staring of in space or falling asleep in the classroom will be a common occurrence.

The community

Gangs would eventually take over the neighborhoods, resulting in crime and violence against well-mannered citizens who refuse to take drugs. The community will eventually become a ghost town with boarded up windows and doors and tall grass in the yard.

drug legalization

I have seen entier neighborhoods across America become desolated, with abandoned houses with broken out windows and littered yards. People who once lived there ended up homeless on  the street, locked up in prison or worse.


What legal considerations exist?

Government and local officials would have to implement policies and laws to govern the sell and usage of once illegal drugs. However, the act of attempting to take charge of drug buying and selling will be ineffective. There are always those who will continue to smuggle and sell drugs without a license. As a result, crime and violence will continue.

Nevertheless, drug dealers will have to be regulated due to the chaotic mess that will erupt if drug legalization would become a reality.

Personnel and Training

Drug regulators would have to select and train individuals on how to sell and distribute once illegal drugs in a way that would not destroy entire neighborhoods and communities.

My Final Verdict of Drug Legalization

Drug legalization may sound like an innovative idea, slowing down the practice of arresting drug dealers and giving people the opportunity to buy drugs without fear of being caught. However, the idea legalizing drugs is foolish. It would create more havoc and chaos then it would provide freedom to uses drugs without reservations.