The increase in violence across the University of Minnesota campus has become an ongoing issue. Each week there is some sort type of attack, especially during late evening hours or at night. Students who are caught off guard during these times don’t know anything until they are hit over the head or struck in the face. Many are robbed for what little money or valuables they possess.

I know what it feels like to be attacked, held up and robbed of my wallet and other priceless things. Like other unsuspected victims, I was not watchful. My mind and attention were on my own concerns and purposes that I thought less of my surroundings.

Many college students are unexpecting victims. When you are in college, the last thing that crosses your mind is someone attempting to harm you. You go about your day, from class to class, or from the library to the bookstore without any thought of being watched by a desperate individual or group of people who don’t have your best interest in mind.

campus violence

However, if you are unprepared for such unfortunate events, you will be shocked. Your life will be turned upside down and you will most likely suffer many emotional scars. A shaken emotional life can very well interfere with your ability to focus effectively on your college life.

Right now, I am just talking about a minor attack. In recent years, there have been several reports of students being severely beaten or even killed on college campus grounds.

Therefore, students must be extremely careful regarding what is going on within their surroundings. The fact that must be faced is that college campuses aren’t immune to crime waves. People can commit murder on school grounds.

Across the country, students must take significant steps to exclude themselves from becoming victims of crime on college grounds.

There are three ways to beat campus violence.

Be watchful Always

When I say be watchful of what is going on around you, I am not only talking about your own safety as a college student, but also the wellbeing of others.  In other words, watch out for others as well. The aim is to catch a stalker or potential trouble maker in his tracks.

When you help protect the wellbeing of others, you feel good because you are making an enormous difference in the lives of others.

Just stopping one criminal for harming another means that you have helped prevent several other people how could have become potential victims, including yourself. So, wherever you go across campus, be watchful always.

Be Connected Always

Never travel across campus alone at night if you can help it. Go in twos or threes. Numbers will go a long way in making a thief think twice.

Warning: if you are a loner in college, make friends fast. Don’t live an isolated existence. Life was not meant for that type of existence.

If you don’t have the protective comfort of walking with others around college campuses at night, you must have the connections: people who you can call for immediately help. Keep these people in your favorites on your smartphone.

Prearrange trouble indicators with them so that they will understand that you are in an emergency. You can do this by activating a picture or message on your smart phone. Whenever it rings your connections will see this message and know you are in trouble. They can see your location, call 911 as well as come see about you.

Connections are extremely important if you must switch classes at night, especially during the fall season, a time when darkness comes early.  Therefore, prioritize your connections for such desperate times.

Always Be Ready to Get Physical

Never be caught off guard to the point where you don’t know what to do if you are attacked, grabbed or held at knife or gun point. In many cases, if it’s the wallet or purse they want, give it to them speedily.

However, if you feel that they situation is about to go beyond the take-and-go, you must at least do something drastic to prevent becoming a fatality. Here are a few tips;

Go for the Eyes. The eyes are the most vulnerable part of the face. If you don’t have pepper spray, stick your fingers in the eyes. This action could give you a change to escape.

Next, if he’s a man, go for the groin area. Land the blow as hard as possible. Done the right way, you can instantly paralyze a man long enough to get away. Guns and knives drop due to the excruciating pain. Never hesitate to do what needs to be done.

If you stay watchful for yourself and others, you will have the presence of mind to do the right thing in situations which campus violence is an issue.

Beating campus crimes is a matter of being aware of your environment and the people populated it. If you do this, you’ll stay safe and secure.