A Review of the Target Shopping Experience-Is Satisfaction Guaranteed?

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When I walk into a local Target, my shopping experience is always pleasant. The bright color of red enlivens me and gives me a sense of excitement. Sometimes, I just go to browse or just to look at the variety of electronics.

Traveling behind Walmart, Target is the second largest retailer offering discounted prices in the United States. Founded by George Dayton, the big red labelled headquarters resides in the Frozen Tundra: Minneapolis Minnesota. Millions of shoppers across the US enter the red doors of the retail giant to purchase goods and services.

Rating: 10 out of 10


  • Low Discounted Prices
  • Quality Merchandise
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Fast Check Out Lines
  • A great Shopping experiences


  • Sometimes lack specifics products

Who is Target for?

The red colored retailer is for shoppers who love quality products and services with discounted prices. In addition, people who desire an alternative to Walmart, often choose to shop at Target.

I like the blue color but I like the red color even better. That’s the reason I visit target more often than I do Walmart. Sometimes blue takes my spirits a little lower than I desire.  I once heard a Target customer say, “I’ll pass by a hundred Walmart stores just to get to a Target a retailer.”

Products and Services

The red retail giant offers a variety of products and services, including

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Household items
  • Credit cards
  • Electronic merchandise
  • Sporting goods
  • Medical items

As you can see, Target provides most of the goods and services offered by its biggest brink-n-mortal rival: Walmart.

Customer Service

Some of the best customer service, from my experience, is found at Target. The clerical staff always approach the customer with a friendly smile and ask if you need to be assisted in finding a product. You do feel very appreciated.

Many times, when they are not checking out customers, the checkout clerks stand along the aisles smilingly waiting and asking customers if they desire to checkout.

Furthermore, the goal of Target is to get its shoppers through the checkout line as quickly as possible. Most of the time, my time waiting in line was less than five minutes, despite long lines.

Ranking in its Field Relative to Competition

Walmart is one of the biggest rivals that outshines target in revenue as well as customer acquisition. However, the two retail giants are threatened by the explosion of online shopping, led by the mega giant Amazon.

Due to the trend toward online shopping, many brick-n-mortal retail stores are suffering. But the red and blue giant are attempting to maximize their online presence.

Quality Control Practices

Target store shelves are neat and organized 99% of the time. Walking down any aisle or visiting any section of the store will tell you that the experience of the shopper is highly considered. Clerks are always straightening out shelves or making sure the clothing is neatly hung on racks.

The aisles are clean and well-polished. Unlike another retailer, I never see merchandize scattered across the floor or spilled water in the aisles.

Customers love the quality. When I enter a store that doesn’t appreciate quality, I will most likely avoid visiting the place.


Like its rival, Target is a major retailer due to its low discounted prices. I purchase a variety of things from the red retailer, including electronics, books, food, and clothing.

Recovering Reputation

In 2013, Target Corporation went through a period of adversity due to grand identity theft in which thousands its shoppers’ identity was stolen via credit card. However, because of steady application of damage control, they are slowly recovering from the challenge.

My final Opinion of Popular Retailer

Is shopping at Target for You? If you feel enlightened by the color read and you want to shop at an alternative to Walmart, then the Target shopping experience is for you. Search for a store near you and enjoy your shopping experience.



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