Will KHOL’S Department Store Be Able to Survive the Trend Toward Online Shopping?

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Founded on September 12, 1962, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, KOHL’S Department Store is the second largest clothing retail chain in America. Its headquarters located in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, KOHL’S Department store operates in 49 states and owns more than 1,000 stores. The popular department store also has 140, 000 employees. It makes a total revenue of $19.031 billion and has a net income of $889.00 billion.

The popular Department store has always been the clothing store for me. Of course, I have shopped at other stores but not as much as I have frequented KOHL’S department store. The brand section I visit the most happens to be CHAPS. Everything about the brand spells sophistication and confidence, from the colorful shirts, sweaters, and pants.

My home closet is decorated with the CHAPS brand. I have clothing items for all seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.

I give KHOL’S Department store a rating of 9 out of 10


  • A variety of attractive clothing brands
  • Clothing for distinctive social status or prestige
  • Great savings: coupons and seasonal deals
  • Friendly and Trustworthy service
  • Choice of Payment options: cash, Credit or check


  • Sometimes must search for assistance. However, you will get a friendly reception

Who Shops at KHOL’S Department Store?

If you are not interested in expensive name brands than KHOL’S is the department store you will love due to its many coupon offers and deals. Customers receive coupons up to 30-405 off specific items. In addition, you can also save by using the KHOL’s credit card.

KHOL’S Merchandise:

  • Variety of Clothing brands: including
  • CHAPS,
  • American Beauty,
  • Croft & Barrow,
  • Urban Pipeline
  • Foot wear
  • Furniture
  • Apt 9
  • Sonoma
  • American Beauty
  • Tony Hawk
  • Urban Pipeline
  • Daisey Fuentes
  • Candies

KHOL’s Support System

Friendliness is the word when you interact with the KHOL’S staff. All your questions will be answered whatever they may be. If you need assistant finding a certain area, you can be certain you will be guided to the right area.

Quality Control Practices

In addition to quality clothing that want tear upon the first wear, KHOL’S Department store offers a clean environment: nothing to complain about when it comes to organization. The clothing is neatly arranged on racks. The colors blend neatly together.

The aisles are uncluttered. You can move freely from one area of the department store to the other without being distracted by disorganization.

If you need help in finding a specific product, the staff will tell you exactly where to find it.

Ranking Compared to the Competition

KHOL’S biggest rival remains JC Penny’s.  However, the trend toward online shopping has shaken to the core many popular brick-n-mortar stores.  KHOL’S shares took a tremendous hit in 2017. However, because of its popular brand name and revenue, KHOL’s can survive (has shut down stores) by downsizing and repositioning itself.  The corporation will do well to continue to increase its online presence beyond the minimum.

My Final Opinion of KHOL’S Department Store

If you like high quality clothing without the expensive prices charged for big name brands. My CHAPS’ wardrobe gives me a confidence and sophisticated look.





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