The Facebook Experience-Is Joining the Social Media Site Worth the Time?

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Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2009, Facebook is one of the most popular networking services on the planet. The social media network is used by millions across the world, both young and old. For users, it is a platform to make themselves known to the world. Many videos presented on FB go viral if the subject or content possesses extraordinary social value.

I have been using Facebook for many years. Sometimes a little too much. However, users can spend hours and hours sitting at the computer or while on their daily journeys from place to place. What’s so intriguing about this social communication platform is that you can see the world as it is.

People are always posting videos or photos of some of the most interesting subjects and events occurring in the world.


  • Constant Interaction with friends and family
  • Opportunities to present viral content and videos
  • Platform for introducing brands: products and services


  • Can be used for unethical purposes and extreme events

Primary Facebook Features:

  • Personal profiles
  • Timeline of Events
  • Like Button
  • Instant Messaging
  • Personal page creation
  • Group creation
  • Facebook Live
  • Brand Promotions

Type of Users

Facebook is a platform for all types of users, including ordinary people like you and me. Specifically, adults, teenagers, grandmothers, grandfathers, entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, ministers, entertainers, politicians, as well as people from all professions, nationalities, and cultures, including both national and international.

The popular network site is a platform that brings all type of users together to share ideas, express views, skills and talents and to interact with the world.

What Can Users Do?


  • Social Interaction
  • Get status updates
  • Post Content and Videos
  • Interact with various apps
  • Organize events
  • Connect with Celebrity Fan Pages,
  • And much more

How Easy Is It to Use?

Facebook users will find the platform easy to use. All that is needed is to sign up and create a personal profile and then you are ready to start added friends, family and other interesting ideas and events.

Users can share their own photos, sell items and participate in Facebook group discussions on whatever subject he or she prefers.

Opportunities for Promotions

Entrepreneurs or online businesses who desire to bring traffic to their website to run campaigns targeting a specific audience. The cost of promoting your website, or introducing a product is extremely low compared to running a Bing or Google AdWords’ campaigns.

I have run campaigns specifically to introduce my website to a target audience that may be interesting in my ideas and in the products or services I offer.

Strong Brand Name Image

Facebook! You here your friends mention the name, you here your co-workers mention it! You here your children talk about this incredible social network and you here you neighbors mention it. There is hardly anywhere you can go without hearing something regarding the name of Facebook.

That is the reason the popular social media brand continues to add aspiring users by the thousands each day. Word of mouth cannot be more powerful.

Strong brands names have a way of spreading like wildfire. As a result, everybody wants to become part of the parade.

Ranking in its Field Relative to Competition

Facebook competitors are vast. You have My Space, but Twitter is its main foe when it comes to attracting users. Twitter is a brand name whose popularity is equal or even greater than Facebook. A highly popular social media network that allows users to tweet messages, participate in discussions on every subject under the sun.

Twitter may not entertain videos or utilize lengthy posts, or photo collections as much as Facebook does, but millions of tweets go out into the world each day. Twitter is associated with some of the most prominent names, including the current president: Donald Trump.

However, Facebook can hold its own. Its ranking will always climb as curious masses continue to become a part of this unique internet world.

My Final Opinion of Facebook

If you are not a member of Facebook, you may be missing out of opportunities to keep in contact with those who are precious to your existence, such as family, friends, and neighbors. The outstanding social platform continues to evolve and bring people closer together; the goal is to do wonderful things: to encourage, inspire and empower.





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