DIY-The Technology of Installing a Sunroof


Feeling the gush of the wind slapping against their faces is a worthwhile adventure of many automobile owners who possess sunroofs. There is nothing like the experience of fresh air entering the vehicle on a sultry day in July or august. If you are thinking about installing a sunroof on your automobile, you can do it yourself if you can appreciate the challenge.

Things You’ll Need

  • Knowledge & Skill
  • Hole punch equipment
  • Metal rod
  • Soft hammer
  • Jig saw and utility knife
  • Measuring and masking tape
  • Markers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Glue

Make sure you understand the technology of sunroof installation, including knowledge of such components as the template, aperture, rail beads, seal, frame assembly and headliners. Read the installation instructions that come with the sunroof thoroughly or obtain a good sunroof installation manual. Since the installation task is difficult and complicated, you must gather as much installation knowledge as possible to perform the job professionally.


Select the desired type of sunroof that is appropriate for your vehicle. A variety of sunroofs exist for selection, including pop-up sunroofs, top-mount sliding sunroofs, panoramic sunroof, folding sunroofs and spoiler sunroofs. A sunroof is an important investment when it comes to the appearance of your car. So, you must choose the type of sunroof that will enhance the look of your automobile.

Identify and mark the position where the sunroof is to be installed on your vehicle. Use a strong masking tape to stabilize the manufacturer’s template to the roof. Center the front cut line of the template so that it is at least about seven inches above the windshield ‘s molding. However, with the addition of accessories the length might have to be increased.

Drill holes in the roof at the template’s four corner markings, without drilling through the interior headliner. The metal rod should be used to push through the drilled holes of the template. Once the four holes are clearly obvious, join them together, measuring them with a straightedge and pencil. The four holes should be positioned together in a rectangular shape. This task should be done from the inside of the car.

Cut out the headliner along the rectangular shaped outline and remove it to make it easier for the roof panel to be cut. This task can be performed with a utility knife. One of the holes in the roof should be big enough to allow the operation of a jigsaw blade. You must cut around the entire perimeter of the marked cutline using the jigsaw blade. This step will produce a roof blank which can then be removed.

Create a continuous sealing line by placing sealant tape around the aperture. Now to keep rainwater to drain from the roof, you must align rail finishing beads along each side of the rails until you reach the rear of the top frame. Follow this by running another seal under the back edge of the top frame, eliminating all excess.

Place the glass securely into the frame slot, allowing it the freedom to slide back and forth. The frame assembly should also be accurately into the aperture. After this, the inner framed should be joined together at the corners and tightened by screws. Use a 5mm drill to penetrate the holes in the end stops.

Now you are ready to finish the project. Finish securing the sunroof assembly on to your vehicle. Use the necessary tools including glue to secure the parts as well as the interior trim, which must be done from inside the automobile. When you have completed the task, check the installation manual for accuracy.


If you find that you are not up for the challenge of installing the sunroof yourself, you should seek to get it professionally done at a certified auto shop. Although getting it done professionally will certainly be very expensive, you are better off. Attempting to do it yourself can result in major damage to your automobile, and an even more expensive repair bill.


Make sure you wear safety glasses or goggles when you are handling various tools such as drills and other tools that might cause small objects to fly around. You don’t want to ruin the great expectancy of enjoying your sunroof. Driving around with one eye bandaged may not be your idea of fun. Therefore, take care of yourself while installing your sunroof.

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