Dealing with Lazy SEO Habits

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Do you struggle with SEO practices? Have you given up on even considering that Search Engine Optimization is the key to reaching customers?  If so, you are in league with thousands of other bloggers, affiliate marketers or passive income seekers who have turned their backs on, unknowingly, on their best friend: Search Engine Optimization.

Until publishers become best friends with Search Engine Optimization, they will continue making these three mistakes:

Taking SEO for Granted

Avoid taking SEO for granted. This advice is for all publishers who think that they can move up in ranking without adequately implementing Search Engine Optimization on their website, pages, and posts. If you want to make your product or service known to your target audience, you must fall on bended knees and acknowledge that SEO magic cannot be overlooked.

Instead of taking search enginen optimization for granted make it your top priority, especially when you are building a website or creating content for your clients. What good is it to have superior content that no one ever reads due to bad SEO. You will be wasting your precious energy for weeks, months, even years attempting to promote a brand that will remain in Google’s cellar.

Disinterest in SEO practices

One thing that is worst thing taking SEO for granted is a plan lack of interest in the practice all together. You just hate the thought of taking all that time to implement this vital necessity to website ranking. You think of other ways to get known, such as paying for clicks, joining unknown ranking services promising to get your pages and content to the first page of google.

Eventually, you discover that the promise isn’t true. It’s all a disguised scam. Now you have been beaten out of $300-400 dollars a year. You regret it.

The bottom line is that search engine optimization for websites and content is here to stay. Old methods of getting traffic to your site are buried and gone.  Wake up to reality. Don’t waste your time hoping that your product or service will eventually find their way into the hands of customers someday. Shake hands with SEO.

Thinking SEO Just Happens

This group of publishers thinks that all they must do is write good web copy and they’re on their way to gaining lots of website traffic. False! There are no shortcuts to reaching your target audience than the practice of optimization.

I, along with thousands of others, have attempted this and found out the hard way. Google will accept no other alternative.

The successful website publishes understand the obtaining high ranking in google never just happens. It must be earned.

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and passive income seekers must come to terms that without good SEO, they are severely limited when it comes to ranking high on search engines. That is just the way it is. No exception!

Google controls more than 70% of website traffic. Yahoo and Bing take up the slack, followed by once popular AOL. The way to go is obvious: It’s time to acknowledge the engine that can get you to the popularity and wealth you dream of.











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