The SEO Zone: What Every Publisher Should Know?

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Getting into the SEO zone occurs when a publisher, affiliate marketer or blogger is keenly focused on thoroughly implementing search engine optimization on a post, page or website to obtain a maximum ranking. Nothing distracts him or her until Search Engine Optimization is completely finished.

As far as high website ranking is concerned, all elements of the site work together, including domain, site name, meta tag, and keywords.

Nothing on the site that can be optimized is left to chance. Putting a post or page together out of anxiousness will not work if you desire optimal SEO. Your work will not stand out from the vast amount of competition in your niche. Uniqueness can only be created through the patient application of SEO strategies and techniques.

The areas in which are most significant in your SEO are keywording, linking, and original content creation.


Researching and discovering the appropriate keywords is a most if you want your post or pages to rank high in the google search engine. You must find out which words will rank well against the competition as well as those that don’t have a chance.


Linking is a technique that is often overlooked, perhaps out of laziness or ignorance of its importance in SEO. However, google is highly pleased with publishers who implement linking, both internal and external linking. Websites that practice linking rank much higher in google search engine than does those which avoid linking.

Content creation

Google loves the original material. Google loves it even more when you constantly submit new articles, review, case studies, check list, and reports. If you want to attract high traffic and attract more website visitors the constant submission of content cannot be negotiated.

Publishers must ignore all distractions when it comes to establishing authority in the above areas to fulfill SEO demands. Neglect of these areas out of just simply getting stuff published online is a mistake that will come back to haunt you, especially when your website isn’t discovered.

Getting into the SEO zone doesn’t happen the same for all people. Some will be more in the zone during morning hours while others are more focused and creative during evening hours. Choose the zone times that are right for you.

All Distractions Out the Door

Whatever you do, make sure you are not distracted by anything in your surrounding that will make you anxious to get done with content creation and SEO. I offer you no exaggeration. If you want to rank high in google proper SEO must be your top priority.

Whenever I am in the zone, I make sure that all other technologies, including the Television, smartphones, and games gadgets are unable to disturb my focus.  In quietness and stillness, the mind is most creative.

In these times, my productivity goes through the roof.  I can write a ton of articles, apply the magic of SEO, and submit them to may target audience.  However, when I am less then productive, a thousand distractions are operating in my mind.

The bottom Line

From now on, take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) extremely serious. It’s the difference between making your products or service known or remaining out the bottom of the google graveyard.


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