SEO Articles: 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Writing Them

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SEO articles are the lifeblood which operates in the veins of Search Engines. Optimized articles are the highlights of content creation. Therefore, all entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and passive income bloggers should be passionate about writing them.

I love writing SEO articles for several reasons.

User Experience

I love writing Great SEO articles because they provide a good user experience for readers. No reader wants to encounter a site in which ideas of chaotic and confusing. Readers want to discover articles which are clear and concise with the message that they were written to convey.

Before I knew the importance of writing great SEO articles, I only created content for the sake of getting it published on search engines. As a result, my articles ranked at the bottom of Google’s graveyard.

Ranking Power

I love writing Great SEO articles because of their ranking power. When an article is properly optimized for search engines, it ranks more quickly than a poorly optimized article.  An article which is poorly written will have very low visibility.

An article designed to reach a target audience will rank high in search engines. But the keyword by which the article ranks for must be unique enough to stand out from the crowd of similar words used by the competition.


I love writing Great SEO articles because I like excelling above the competition. Spying on articles written by the competition and then writing better web copy than they do, gives me a since of pure excitement. Part of writing superior SEO articles is learning from the competition and beating them.

What makes beating the competition so wonderful is that you can make yourself known on a higher-level due to your superior article ranking.

Keyword Research

I love writing Great SEO articles because of the keyword research. The joy of finding the right keyword gets my creative juices running. I usually use the Jaaxy Keyword platform to research keywords and the competitive conditions surrounding those keywords.

The Jaaxy Keyword platform is probably one of the best keyword tools on the market. Not only will you get the specific keyword you selected to rank, you will also get similar words which you can use for high-ranking subheads.

High Traffic

I love writing great SEO articles because of the traffic it brings. High ranking articles can bring you tons of traffic. This is great. Buyers can be transformed into subscribers. The more people who subscribe to your website, the more people you will have to sell to again and again.

High traffic, keyword research, competition, ranking power, and user experience are all the reasons I love writing great SEO articles.


The Autonomy of a Great SEO article



Meta Description of Article

Subheading (H2)

Main image

Creative content

Internal & External linking

Embedded video

Supporting images

Call to action

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Not only was I able to write superior articles, I also learned how to write excellent product or service reviews, the web copy that will get traffic pouring to your website.

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