The Power of Twitter in Discovering the Needs of Your Target Audience

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Introducing twitter! Finding out your customers’ needs and concerns are sometimes difficult if they refuse to clearly express them. Many marketers might attempt to just guess them. However, this is not a promising idea. You might end up addressing needs that are not there. In fact, you may even disappoint them if money is involved.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you can go to discover what your target audience is concerned about now. As an educator, I often go to Twitter to find out what the people are thinking about in my industry. I came across these concerns.

“High school graduation cannot prepare students for college.”

By examining this statement, we see that either a parent or teacher is concerned with the inability of high school graduation to equip students for college. True, graduation is not an indication that a student is ready for college. Usually, students who are unprepared to enter directly into the college of their choice must take remedial courses to be admitted to a specific college.

The bottom line is that high schools must fight for the resources that will equip students for college entrance from the get go.

“I must choose between health care and my child’s education.”

The cost of healthcare is certainly in the issue when it comes to sending your child off to college. The poor and the middle class just don’t have the finances to do both. Therefore, a resolution must be found that will enable parents not only to pay for an effective healthcare plan but to also afford to send their children off to college.

“Trump care will put my kid’s autism service in jeopardy.”

We should never have to worry about losing vital services for the most vulnerable people of society. The repeal of Obama Care stands a chance of eradicating the health privileges of millions of Americans, not just those who are most vulnerable. American with an average income is also in jeopardy of not being able to pay for health care.

What are the Needs Your Target Audience?

Discovering and addressing the Needs and Wants of Your target audience is a must if you want to please customers. No one wants a product or service that cannot satisfy them.  But if you know what makes your target audience stay awake at night or wake up smiling in the morning, you can win their loyalty.

Twitter for Answers

If you are a beginning affiliate marketer attempting to discover the needs of your audience, opening a Twitter account is a profitable thing to do. By searching your niche topic in Twitter and observing what people are saying about a specific topic, you will be able to recommend a solution.


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