Who’s Afraid of Amazon? Assessing It’s Value in the Market

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Who’s afraid of Amazon? The electronic commerce and cloud computing company it second to known when it comes to online consumer shopping. The online company is favored in one sense and isn’t favored in another sense. It all boils down to a matter of taste when it comes to shopping.

Argument for Amazon

The argument to be made for Amazon is that it is the biggest thing going on in the world when it comes to online shopping for books, electronics, clothing as well as a thousand other items.  People love buying unique items and brands online due to convenience and product variety.

Argument Against Amazon

The argument to be made against Amazon is that the iconic online consumer platform is that it is chewing up the competition, including Walmart, and have sent many of its rivals into retail history. Other brands are attempting to make an online presence for themselves. However, to no avail.


Brick-n-mortar stores beware. Amazon has triggered the trend toward online shopping, leaving the poor malls and brand stores in a struggle for existence. Many great retail giants have closed thousands of their stores in various states.


The shutdown of brink-n-mortar retail stores will assist in further isolating people from each other. The strip mall was once a place where people went to meet other people and to enjoy getting out of the house, going to stores and purchasing merchandise. Online shopping threatens to take such tradition away for good.

Impact on People

Many people enjoy shopping online. Sometimes going to the mall is a hassle, especially if people have an extremely busy schedule to deal with.

Impact on Society

Society has fail in love with Amazon.  The iconic online consumer buying platform attract millions of people each day looking to purchase their products and services.

Outlook Future

The trend toward online shopping is only beginning. When 90% of society becomes involved in online shopping, Amazon will be company which historians refer to for verification. The iconic consumer buying platform possess the largest selection of products ever.

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