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How Good SEO Changed My Outlook on Internet Marketing


I had built more than 7 websites: 2 magazine sites, 1 financial and 1 natural health site, an education site, a religious site, and a hub pages membership site. I loved each one of them. I would get up every money to check on visitors, look for interesting comments, hoping to discover that I had helped improve the quality of someone’s life.

That’s was who I was and still is. I was all about helping others solve their problems as well as making a pa


ssive income in the process of doing something I loved so dearly: creating content.

The Problem: Traffic Flow

My disappointment begins to sit in after years of not seeing any remarkable results in traffic or reader response. I wondered what was I doing wrong. The stories of other website publishers were decorated with milestones of success and wealth.

My motivation for creating content was slowly fading. Many mornings I got up and didn’t bother checking my websites. Instead, I would go for long walks around the theater across the street from where I lived. Early in the morning, the vast parking lot was empty of cars, only a décor security vehicle sat in the middle of the lot.

Breezy early morning walks were the routines I used to think about things, especially the direction my life was going in terms of progress. It’s never too late to take a new direction in life if the old one is no longer working.

But I knew I wasn’t about to give up on my writing and marketing career. I had too much passion for them, although in certain areas I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

The Long Search for Answers

After spending days, weeks, and months searching for answers and dismissing a lot of suggestions that didn’t appear to work for me, I stumbled upon an affiliate website called Wealthy Affiliate. The name alone is enough to spark interest, especially for people like me, who desired to make a passive income while helping others.

The Fantastic Discovery: Wealthy Affiliate

At first, I was skeptical of this the Wealthy Affiliate Program. I had run across the website several times and had dismissed it as something that just wasn’t for me.

Nevertheless, because of its promise to teach publishers everything they needed to know about internet marketing: the affiliate side, I decided to join the program (it was free to join) and see what I could gain from it.

I had been in the internet marketing business for over 6 years. So, I knew I had to know at least 80% of what the industry stood for. However, I knew very little about SEO. In fact, I didn’t even think that it was necessary to know. Creating appropriate content and publishing it on one or two social media sites is all that I cared about.

Through the Storm of Intense Training

The training projects on Wealthy Affiliate is what impressed me the most, especially the Getting Started and Boot Camp sections, which takes a new member through intense training. Newbies are taking on a stage by stage journey from building a profitable website to running a highly successful PPC campaign. Other training includes creating videos to attract massive amounts of traffic to your website.

The SEO training was powerful from the start. New members learn how to choose a profitable domain, choose appropriate niche-oriented keywords via keyword tool, get indexed by google and create themed content, including reviews and articles with the intent of influencing the reader to do something.


During training, I learned how to effectively share my content on social media sites as well as with the affiliate community. As a result, my nearly created website steadily climbed up in rank immediately.

The Magic Application of SEO

The SEO magic begin when I started applying what I learned at Wealth Affiliate to personal websites outside of the program. Almost immediately, I begin to receive higher ranking as well as reader response on all my sites. Implemented such strategies as linking pages and posts, keywording, finding exceptional titles, and submitting to the appropriate social media sites became a game-changer for me and my internet marketing abilities.

The bottom line is that any publisher looking to reach his or her target audience right away must learn how to apply good SEO from the get go. Don’t ignore what is working for others because you are unconvinced that it will work for you. Instead, try and test everything.

Join those who are making great strides in the areas in which you are stuck. You will save time and lots of frustration when you go about utilizing knowledge and skills the right way. Your way is not always the correct way of succeeding in life.

Ignore this Myth:” My Way is the Only Way” Instead, Act Now! Get Help!

Therefore, if you are one of those publishers whose internet marketing abilities haven’t helped you achieve high ranking in google, resulting in a large traffic flow, then you need to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization and apply it the right way. This is the only way to acquire significant success in the world of marketing.

Do everything in your power to know what pleases google in terms of promoting your products or services. Read books of SEO, join marketing programs such as Wealthy Affiliate and never give up applying all you know to make your website and content a joy to encounter.





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