President Trump’s Challenge to NFL Players Who Dishonor the National Anthem?

The NFL’s response to the President’s derogatory reaction to football players who often kneel during the national anthem has been overwhelmingly embraced by many professional teams and athletes across the nation.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys recently took a knee or locked arms in solidarity with the idea that racial injustice does exist. Not only football and basketball players opposed President Trump and his disrespectful remarks, but also some players on professional baseball teams responded defiantly as well.

Danger of Ignoring the Trend

We must not ignore this trend. Racism affects all of us. It divides the country and can lead to oppression of a person, a community or a nation. The more condemnation we have toward one another, the more weakness will be able to take full control of the nation.

A nation weakened by strong disunity is a country that will eventually fall apart and allow foreign enemies to take full advantage of the situation.

But Is taking the Knee the Answer?

Nevertheless, I don’t think that taking a knee or locking arms against the national anthem is the appropriate action when it comes to eliminating racial injustice. True racial change will only come about via dialogue between the races, accompanied by much prayer.

Without the ability to sit down and communicate our fears, misunderstandings, and social disconnection, we will never overcome the racial issues that are troubling this nation.

But transformation of society just won’t occur via senseless protest. I believe that sports should be sports and the players should play. They are paid millions of dollars to please the fans who always show up to see a good game.

Why the Streets are Made for Protesting?

Protest has its place. If professional athletes desire to protest, let them protest in the streets, separate and apart from professional sports, which is designed to entertain the fans.

If every worker in America took a knew at his or her place of employment, disunity will destroy focus and productivity. As a result, an organization will not be as profitable as it could be. The same scenario applies to a team.  A disconnect between players who choose opposite sides, whether secretly or openly, will to some degree destroy team focus and effectiveness.

NFL and NBA players as well as professionals in other sports should take their demonstrations to the streets, far away from the game and the national anthem.

Stand for the nation if you don’t stand for anything else. Am not avid Trump supporter, but I do believe that the flag matters and that the national anthem should be embraced.