Racial Alarm in America: Rising Protests & Growing Violence

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Rising Protests, such as the recent ones in Charlotte North Carolina and other places across the United States, are increasing at an alarming rate.

In Charlotte North Carolina a protest on the UNC campus against Jews and a protest on August 12, 2017, which turned violent, killed a young woman and inflamed the racial issue in America.

Racial bias can breed unbelievable violence, just as it did during the 60s when the Civil Rights movement was at its height.

Nevertheless, today is a new day. Racial hatred has the potential to destroy the fabric of the entire nation if not prevented. Racism comes in several forms.

Types of Racial activities



  • Calling a member of another race a derogatory name


  • Distancing yourself from the member of another race or spray painting racist messages on the home or garage of a person of color can do psychological damage.


  • Physically hurting or harming a member of another race due to color or culture is a hate crime.
  • Racism isn’t one-sided. There are racist people in every race and culture. That is human nature. The key is to overcome the disease.

Racial Misconception

People with racist views believe that removing a group or race of people from the picture will bring happiness and peace.


However, this misconception is born of pure ignorance. The souls of all people are connected in a web of God ordained humanity. What damages the soul of one will damage the soul of another. The destruction of one people means the destruction of another.

Destroying and being Destroyed

Consider the pass, every attempt to get rid of a race of people have backed fired, resulting in the near destruction of the people who attempted to commit genocide. In other words, when people rise to play God toward another culture, those people meet their own destruction. Scripture puts it this way, “When the wicked do rise up, it is that they may be destroyed forever.”

In the days of Adolf Hitler, when Nazi Germany appeared to be winning the War, was planting the seeds of destruction for the German army.  In the process of destroying, the destroyer gets destroyed.

Three Reasons Why Racism in America Must End:

Prevent National Chaos

The massive reactions to the recent events in Charlotte North Carolina as well as to other racial related events across the country proves that the country is on edge. Pushing racism too far can cause multiple national uprising, resulting in the hurt, harm, and danger of thousands.

To Move the Country Forward

A nation divided will soon fall. For America to move forward and grow great again, love of all Americans, as well as other, must be the key. Any other key designed to divide the country will result in its downfall. The truth is without acceptance and love, the United States will never reach the heights of a great nation or regain its former glory.

In Honor of Humanity, there is Happiness

Happiness cannot occur unless all humanity is honored. God created people to love one another so that humanity can reveal the glory God intended for the people of earth.  If the whole of humanity isn’t honored than true love is nonexistence.

God is pure love. Therefore, if the love of a person isn’t pure toward all, then that individual’s love isn’t true love. Instead, it is a selfish type of love.

The Way Forward

To grow as a nation and move forward, all Americans must embrace one another. But first, there must be a massive acknowledgement that we are all equally God’s creation. Destroying one another because of race is to attempt to destroy God’s creation, an attempt that will always end in self-destruction.

As soon as people understand this, they will throw down their racial swords and embrace one another as brothers and sisters in a world creating by the creator, resulting in love and good will toward all humanity. Only then can American truly be a Great Nation.






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