How to Select and Invite Ideal Guest to Spark Up a Once in a Lifetime Home Celebration


To have a fun loving, enjoyable and inspirational celebration, it is crucial to invite the ideal household guest. A mistake in this decision can result in disappointment, disrespect and possible relational tension among certain guest, thereby ruining the special occasion.

For example, a mother-in-law or sister-in-law who finds it hard to get along with people may not be the ideal people you want to invite to a potentially great household celebration.

Ideal house guests will provide the best possible experience for everyone involved in the celebration. Such guest will not bring an attitude of resistance but will bring an attitude of connection and kindness toward the people surrounding them.  They:

Participate in the celebration

They include themselves in whatever is going on now, whether there are games being played, singing or dancing to great music, or interesting conversations about local or international targets.

Listening to those who are talking to them

The ideal household guest is quick to listen to others to make them feel comfortable and to make others feel that their ideas count.


Ask questions as a means of getting to know others

Asking others’ questions such as “What’s your name? “or “Are you having fun? Or what do you like to do for fun” are questions that express interest in others and make them feel special?

Dresses in a way which doesn’t offend others

Great household guest dress neatly, smell wonderful. Who wants to be around a guest whose hygiene pushes others away? A person who smells can ruin an entire party. People may think twice about eating and drinking.

Demonstrates a Type of Charisma

The ideal household guest will demonstrate a type of charisma. His or her goal is to please others by engaging in wonderful conversations and making others feel better about themselves. Charismatic people are always present to provide joy and entertainment. The pros and cons of inviting supper interactive people are obvious.


  • An Entertaining and Fun-filled Party
  • People will leave with memories of a vast experience
  • People will want to come back to your party and bring a guest


Guest may stay too long. You may have to make people go home to avoid an all night long celebration.

Tips for Selecting the ideal Household Guest


Invite people who are social able. You don’t want people with an attitude to the world and others. Such people will dampen the atmosphere and cause tension in others.

Welcome people (co-workers. Neighbors) who have your best interest at heart. If you have not been getting along with individuals at your job or people in your neighborhood, don’t invite these individuals if you desire to avoid drama.

Avoid inviting family or in-laws who have a history of starting conflicts with you or one another wherever they go.

Enjoy approaching acquaintances with great personalities and asking them to come entertain the people attending your celebration.

Invite one or two people who are good at humor and don’t mind entertaining the crowd with a joke or two.

Enjoy thinking about the exciting time you are going to have and the ideal household guest you are going to host in this once and a lifetime celebration.

The best way to approach the selection process is to make a list of all the ideal people you want to invite, regardless how farfetched your desires.  Include a separate list of all the people you would rather avoid inviting and X them out.

Start connecting with people who you know that are available and will most likely attend your celebration without reservation. Such people will sit the foundation for all another guest. At least, if no one else shows up, these people will be there for you.

Next, connect with people who you desire to invite but are uncertain if they can make it to your party. These include interesting acquaintances, local musicians, or comedians as well as fashionable and socially free people.

Your goal is to get people with enjoyable and entertaining personalities, guaranteeing a celebration filled with once and lifetime memories.

Make every effort to do your part. You may not get all the entertaining personality that you desire but appreciate all who you welcome to your special occasion. You will create an everlasting spectacle for all involved.