Is Recuperating from Extreme Heartbreak an Emotionally Transformative Act?


Extreme heartache is an unbearable emotional condition consisting of constant inner pain usually resulting from severe relational loss or limitation. People who find themselves in such predicament must seek immediate help to avoid being destroyed by the despair and confusion brought on by the situation.

Incidents that can result in Extreme Heartbreak

  • Divorce
  • Sudden loss of love one
  • Rejection by Children

Avoid Isolation

Isolation is not the key to recovery. People who separate themselves from the support of friends and love ones face a downward spiral. As they become more aloof they make themselves a prey to gloom, despair, and agony. Demons threaten to possess them.

The problem with most people who experience severe heartbreak is that they think that spending extended periods away from everyone is the solution to recovery. However, the opposite is true. Without the loving comfort and experience of others, the soul becomes increasingly lonely and detached from the outside world.

Acknowledgement of Blessings in the situation: The Key to Healing

As crazy as it may sound, the simple realization of good in a situation can transform your life to a whole new level of joy and happiness.

The sincere and humbling acknowledgement of blessings in a heartbreaking situation will speed up the healing process. When we accept the realization th


at all bad occurrences carry a seed of great newness and blessing, the recuperating process has begun.

Everything happens for a reason. We must acknowledge that all that has happened to us or all that will ever happen to us is the result of a transformative reason, then we will come to accept that out of the most extreme adversity comes great goodness.

Confessing the Good

In all difficulties and challenges which have bombarded my life, I have gained tremendous knowledge and character just be acknowledging and confessing the good that came out of the situations. This realization built within me great inner strength designed to help me overcome the heartbreaks which have occurred in my life.

I confessed the good that was latent in all my personal adversities. When you confess the good in a situation, you free up that good to come directly to you. The good will come in the form of newness:

  • New perspectives
  • New opportunities
  • New relationships

The good that is locked in a dire situation can’t wait to be released by the confession of those who acknowledge the good in it. For example, if a lover abandons you and run off with a new romance, you might not feel like any good can come out of it, but if you dare confess the good in the situation you will be surprised at the speed that good will come knocking at your door.

Abandoned for another Man

I once was facing a situation in which my girlfriend abandoned me for another man. I was so devastated that I could not sleep at night. Sometimes I would go outside walking at 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning just thinking about that lovely, gentle voice that would awaken me in the morning.

However, when I got tired of feeling sorry for myself, I started, (at the suggestion of a spiritual friend) to acknowledge the good secretly locked within the situation. I did this even though I didn’t expect anything significant to happen.

However, before long I encountered my future wife on a lovely November night on the college campus of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. How transformative is This!

If I hadn’t started acknowledging the good in the situation, I most likely would have been swallowed up in heartache and pain.

Just Look at Our Personal History

Our personal history is filled with stories of people who experienced extreme heartbreak just to become some of the most blessed and transformative people in our world. These people could have been parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts, friends, neighbors, even those who were once our enemies.

The Transformational Benefits

The benefits of recuperating from extreme heartbreak cannot be overstated. You gain a sense of freedom, joy, and newness.  Your present state becomes more fantastic than your former state. You have more progressiveness in your life than you could have even imagined.

The joy of recuperating from extreme heartbreak will be a delight once you understand that a great blessing in locked up within the condition. Once you acknowledge this, the blessing is on the way, designed to transform your life and affairs.

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