Psychology of SEO-Tips You Must Know for Top Ranking

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Psychology of SEO-Develop a search engine optimization (SEO) mindset or settle into internet obscurity.  Without a thorough knowledge of SEO, you will not be successful in promoting your business website or blog. If you take the information in this article seriously, you will not remain unknown, but if you ignore the advice in this article, you will join tens of thousands of unsuccessful business websites or blogs that have no chance being discovered.

The psychology of SEO means that you have mastered SEO so well that you know exactly what to do to rank high on search engines and make your business known in the industry you have chosen as a livelihood.

How long it takes to master (SEO) search engine optimization depends on how passionate you are about being successful in your niche. Do you want to reach an attractive target audience? Do you desire to make thousands of dollars solving people’s problems with your products or services? Then developing and applying the psychology of SEO should be your top priority.

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Psychology of SEO: What Makes Google Happy?

Mastering SEO starts with understanding what makes Google happy when it comes to engaging your reading audience. The goal of Google is for the reader to have an extraordinary experience while visiting your website and reading your content. Therefore, when readers visit your website, Google wants them to find a well-designed website, without clutter and chaos.

Websites with lots of ads, unreadable articles filled with grammatical errors, or websites which take years to download will suffer the wrath of Google’s algorithms and never rank high enough to reach the bottom half of your target audience.

Search engines love, especially Google, fresh, well-written SEO articles that are designed to pull the reader into engagement naturally. If you cannot write these type of articles, you should think about hiring one or two professional writers to do the job. There are literally thousands of good writers waiting to be hired for such an ongoing task.

Preparation for Your SEO Website

Building a website optimized for search engines begins with choosing a domain name relevant to your niche or industry. Without a unique domain name, your website may never receive a significant ranking. Poor ranking business blogs have lots to do with domains that have little relevancy to your product or service.

Highly Relevant Domain

A good domain should include, however minimum, a hint of your niche topic. For example, if you are thinking about building an online website selling SEO products and other technological items, a domain such as SEO could do the trick. First, it short and sweet and gives the readers an idea of what the site is about: ‘SEO products and extra stuff.’

A highly effective optimized website provides a pleasant experience for the reader. First, the website downloads fast. Readers don’t have to wait for hours to see your site. If this is the case, you must discover why your site is taking so long to get to. If you ignore this as trivial, other sites, much faster websites will gladly meet the needs and want of your target audience.

There are many tools out there that will give you an indication why your website is so slow. SEO Tools such as Alexa Rank Checker,, and are a few worth mentioning.

Website Appearance & Navigation

First, the appearance of your website should be attractive and engaging. This reality has lots to do with the psychology of SEO. Pictures, videos, infographics and other features should be in sync. Readers will return again and again to a website with an esthetically designed homepage that captivates them right away.


Also, your website should be easy to navigate. Users should be able to find their way around from pages to post and back again with ease. Frustrated users will not stay on sites for long if they have problems with finding their way back to your home page.

Moreover, users should know what your site is about and why your solutions can solve their problems. Don’t be just another website. Make a unique promise to your readers regarding what they will get by investing in your product or service.

Your website menu should be designed with a home page, about page, product page, and a contact page at the minimum. The simple the website, the better in terms of SEO purposes. Search Google for top websites that are in your niche and try to discover why they are ranking on the first page of search engines.

Powerfully Written Content

Second, “Content is King,” a slogan that has been used millions of times, is still try today. Google loves a consistent stream of fabulous content. Your content should be


highly informative, better than rival articles on the same topic. A good idea to read top articles on the same topic before writing a single page. Analyze the article and see where you can improve on it. Every written piece of information can stand some improvement in some areas.

Analyzing the top articles of others writers is the key to designing and writing your own well-written, SEO optimized article. As mentioned, earlier, if you can’t write, hire others to write for you. The investment will eventually pay off.

I have hired dozens of writers to write for my business blogs. Such writers are vast. If you cannot afford elite writers, you can find less expensive writers on sites such as, Servicescape, and Fiverr just to name a few. You can also purchase original articles, many well-written, on sites such as Constant Content.

Mastering Keyword Technique

The psychology of SEO involves understanding and mastering the ‘keyword technique.’ Without this knowledge your articles will go nowhere as far as ranking high in search engines is concerned.

Writing your articles around keywords is what makes your article outshine those of the competition for ranking status. Articles which are on the first page of Google are those who took the time out and researched the appropriate keywords needed to reach the right target audience.

Keywords provide significant information about website visitors. First, the keyword tells you, the website owner, what people are searching for? If you don’t know what people are searching for, you will definitely have a hard time fulfilling their needs and wants.

Well-written SEO articles are composed surrounding powerful keywords. If you have a habit of just writing articles without considering keywords, I don’t care how great the article is, your chances of by-passing other relevant articles and reaching the top of Google is extremely slim. Keywords are magic. The eyes of search engines are always watching for fresh, keyword-oriented content.

Tools for Researching Keywords

Keyword research isn’t difficult, especially with the vast array of keyword technology on the market today. Such tools are a SEMrush toolkit and the Jaaxy keyword tool make it easy to find out what your target audience is searching for at the moment. Various versions of these SEO tools can be purchased just over a $100, but well worth the price and more.

You can also use Google’s free keyword tool as well, although it is not as sophisticated as some of the latest SEO tools.


Keyword Tools: Simple to Use, Easy to Understand

Keyword tools are simple to use. All you have to do is type in a keyword, phrase or topic you are considering using to reach your target audience. For example, if you desire to write an article on the phrase, ‘current state of technology in education’ type these words into the tool and it will give you a list of keywords which people are searching for in the area of technology.

You will have an indisputable idea of the words and phrases people are actually using to find the information they are seeking. Most of the time the words people use to find products and services will be different from the exact words you use. Therefore, you will have to adapt your word or phrase to what is being searched on the topic.

Selecting the Right keyword or Phrase

The psychology of SEO involves selecting a powerful keyword to write your content around. This activity is the key to success in getting your articles before readers. You will rank higher than people who write average content.  For instance, if you discover that people are searching for the keyword or phrase ‘technology in education’, then you will research this topic and compose a well-written article on such a subject. That’s the secret to success.

However, you must be very wise. A good keyword tool will inform you if a keyword is overly competitive or is better left alone. Overly competitive keywords will not rank well. Too many people are competing on the topic. Only elite or highly authority websites will rank well using such words, including Forbes, New Your Times, CNN, and other popular sites.

You want to write articles around keywords that will have a chance at reaching your target audience. Keyword tools will let your know whether or not a word or phrase is worthwhile. Reaching overly competitive keywords can lead to frustration and waste of precious energy.

Well-Written SEO Article Elementsseo

Once you have selected the appropriate keyword, then you are ready to write a masterful SEO article on your topic. A top article will include:

  • An engaging intro-, including keyword
  • A powerful first paragraph with keyword integrated
  • Well composed body sprinkled with keywords, depending on the length of the article. For short article, 300-500 words, perhaps 5 keywords in the body section. For articles 1500-2000 words, perhaps 10 to 12 keywords. However, do not overuse keywords. Google frowns on such activity and penalizes websites that ignore this.
  • Subheads, at least one containing keyword
  • Quality pictures, videos or infographics,
  • Well-written conclusion, no loose ends.
  • An engaging call to action

Fresh content on a regular basis will accelerate your quest to reach page one on search engines. Content can easily become irrelevant, get old and out of date, so fresh content at least twice a week will work wonders for your ranking aspirations.

Mastering the psychology of SEO gives you an advantage in your approach to building a business website and writing high ranking articles that make you an authority in your niche. Mastery of SEO will save time, reduce effort, connect you with your target audience and make your business relevant. It will also make your lots of revenue.

Following this advice isn’t for the lazy minded individual who just wants to sell his or her products and services while ignoring the skills and targets of how to succeed in the digital marketing world. Learning the psychology of SEO to enhance the quality of your business and livelihood.

Do not fail.



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