Is Facebook a Cancer to the Good Principals of Natural Socialization?

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If you are not a Facebook user, you probably know a person who is. The footprints of Facebook are formed throughout the world by millions of users.

I have been an avid Facebook fan for years. I find it fascinating to be able to connect with family, friends and interesting people on an ongoing basis. without Facebook, my life would probably be quite isolated due to the lack of time for making flesh-n-blood friendships. My online friends, the majority of which I have never met, is a source of personal connection and communication.

Founded on February 4, 2003, by the key player: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the US for profit corporation as well as an online social media and network service. Its headquarters is base in Monlo park, California. According to Wikipedia, the social media platform serves a grand total of 2 billion active monthly users. Accessed in many parts of the world, Facebook service is translated into nearly 140 languages.

Type of Users

Every nationality, race, and culture appear on Facebook. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the entire world is its domain, except for a few countries which have condemned and blocked the social media site.  The popular site was created for the rich and the poor as well as the in-between. People and business all over the world use Facebook to make a host of important connections. Exaggeratedly, everybody and their mother loves the attractive social network site.

Become a member of the site and an entire world of possibilities open to you. The things you can do on Facebook are vast: They include,

  • Create profiles
  • Exchanges messages with family, friends as well as important business connections.
  • Share photos, interesting videos, and links
  • Receive notifications and post status updates
  • Write posts
  • Create Facebook page
  • Join significant groups
  • Use a variety of software applications
  • Promote products and services

The good thing about Facebook is that you don’t have to be lonely anymore. You now can connect with family and friends or meet new and interesting people on a continual basis. You can message others, even go live via video.

Reasons for Growth and Popularity

The popular social network site became popular from a simple desire to connect and engage people on Harvard University websites and other college campuses, an idea conceived in the mind of Mark Zuckerberg and others. After many barriers and obstacles, the idea (known as the Facebook) became public. The rest is history.

The growth of the popular social media site is due to people’s desire to stay connected with others via meeting, sharing, communicating and staying in touch with humanity.

Disadvantages of Too Much Facebook

The problem with Facebook is that people can become addicted to social media and spend too much time in front of the computer, wasting precious time that can be used to do productive things. Studies show that young people can spend hours on Facebook, posting all types of media, including videos, posts, and link after link.

Whatever happened to getting out of the house and meeting people face to face. Once upon a time, physical socialization was the key to meeting friends and influencing people.  Social media networks have all but made this tradition a thing of the past.

Instead of walking up to strangers and introducing ourselves, we barely acknowledge the presence of strangers when we are out in the world performing various activities.


Facebook is a godsend because it allows us to stay connected to our loved ones and friends. We don’t have to write letters or make phone calls anymore. We can see the face of our family members as well as hear their faces at will. But we must not forsake natural socialization. We must be willing to acknowledge the people standing beside us. If we ignore this, genuine kindness will become a thing of the past, replaced by artificial connections.



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