Is the AARP a Scam Deceptively Targeting Senior Citizens?

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Supposedly, the goal of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is to enhance the lifestyle of the elderly. It claims to stand atop a castle of appreciation and concern which provides a watchful eye on senior citizens, offering rewards and benefits to those who are living and enjoying the golden years.
The AARP is a national interest group whose goal is to help provide seniors with a descent quality of living in their retirement years.

Founded in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus and Leonard Davil, The AARP has a membership over 36, 000,000 million individuals and earns a revenue of $1, 486,310,000. Its workforce consists of 1,986 staff members and 17, 499 volunteers, according to Wikipedia.

Subsidiaries include:

• AARP Institute
• Legal Counsel for the Elderly
• AARP Financial Services Corporation

The subsidiaries provide a powerful union for making sure the concerns of senior citizens are addressed on every level.
So, is AARP a Scam? Unequivocally, 100% No! I am an avid member of the program and wouldn’t trade my membership for the world.
I like walking into my favorite restaurants and businesses and getting discounts on food and other merchandise.

A Fact of Life regarding Senior Citizens

Every senior citizen knows that the years of retirement comes with a declining income. He or she doesn’t make the money that once afforded them to eat out on the town week after week or to travel 4 or 5 times a year to interesting destinations.

The AARP Membership Solution

The golden years of seniors are the years which AARP focuses on. These should be some of the greatest years of an individual’s life. This is the reason an individual should become a member of the popular program.

Membership benefits include discounts on travel, shopping, healthcare products, insurance, eyewear & accessories and more. Seniors receive discounts on food at favorite restaurants as well. Members receive a comprehensive guide, promoting safe travel, healthy living and living safely in a world that appears to forget about those who have served it well.

AARP not only offer enjoyable discounts to seniors; the heroic program stands up for the rights of all those who are young at heart. AARP is an advocate for several programs and initiatives, including medical and other general healthcare plans, social security, aging-control research, as well as peace of mind and overall wellness.

Great Program: 2nd to No One

The iconic program is second to known when it comes to promoting the lives of the seniors. The favor that comes with membership should be enough to make you jump on board and start enjoying the discounts and benefits millions are already experiencing.

For more information regarding becoming a member of AARP, individuals may read its magazine or visit its website.

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