International Managing in the Face of Terrorism-Induced Uncertainty


Managing in the face of terrorism on an international scale certainly calls for major adjustments, both physically and economically. An individual or company can lose everything in a matter of days or hours if precautions are not taken.

Thousands of businesses and entrepreneur initiatives have been destroyed because of hostile forces designed to overthrow the current government, especially in many developing or third world countries. Therefore, companies looking to expand to relocate or expand internationally must think twice before investing in environments of uncertainty.

The purpose of any organization looking to reach pass geographic boundaries is to expand into new international markets and create broader customer bases. Businesses relocate to reduce cost, increase revenue and invest in greater operative technology.

The Plan B Factor

Terrorism can come in many forms. For example, war can break out between two major parties, or among smaller fractions due to religious beliefs or other economic factors. Regardless of how terrorism strikes, companies operating in international locations must be prepared to lose everything. Therefore, a plan B should be ready to implement.

Sometimes the plan B maybe to get out of the country alive and well. Nevertheless, a business should not invest all its resources in uncertain economies or else it could lose everything.

The best way to prepare for such induced uncertainty is to manage your business with the awareness that anything could go wrong at any time. You must observe several things:


Managing individuals in foreign lands are drastically different than managing individuals in the United States of America. Different cultures support different norms. Managing foreigners requires that you understand the culture extremely well. If you don’t understand the culture, you could be putting yourself in danger. Don’t make such a mistake. You must build volumes of trust in order to succeed in uncertain environments.


Managing organizations in foreign lands also require you to take caution with partnering with native companies in the area. Unfortunately, a lot of corruption occurs in the third world or developing countries that could engulf you and your company if you are not highly informed. The last thing you want to experience is to be convicted of a foreign government of wrong doing. The punishment could be devastating.

Building Trust: A Critical Activity

Build trust with individuals and businesses that will keep your company well-informed as to what is going on in the country. If you build trust, you will be warned when something occurs which may be detrimental to your livelihood. For example, every individual under your management may not have your best interest at hand. They may be secretly on the side of the opposition, waiting for the right moment to jeopardize your business or even your life. Trust is major.

Caution and Courage

If possible, invest your resources in countries that are less likely to experience a constant stream of terror attacks. For instance, you may want to think twice before attempting to invest in unstable countries such as Somali, Iraq or Iran because of forces which are hostile to American influence.

Nevertheless, despite the danger, greatness is created by taking risks that others are unwilling to take. The United States itself was formed via extreme hardness with spilled blood. Many died, never knowing what would come next. However, we Americans enjoy the fruits of their toil and sacrifices.

Managing in internationally can be extremely profitable. You can learn a new language and culture, you reduce cost and increase revenue. However, an uncertain environment, pronged to terrorism can also produce a ton of uncertainty. The choice is yours to choose. The risk factor is great but with extreme caution, a plan B and strongly built trust are keys to success and progress.

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