Becoming a Certified Public Accountant for a Major Business


Lucrative jobs in the field of accountant, including forensic investigation, require that an individual be a Certified Public Accountant(CPA). Without certified public accountants, corporations, governments and individuals who heavily rely on them for accounting, auditing, tax management, and financial advice would be in total chaos and confusion.

In all major businesses, the need for certified public accountants are always at an all time high simply because the flow of capital coming in and going out of an organizational entity must be analyzed, managed and enhanced. Due to legal requirements, a company’s balance sheet statements and tax forms must be examined for accuracy and presented to investors as well as the IRS for the sake of financial integrity and transparency.

The Value a CPA Brings to an Organization

The advantages which certified Public accountants bring to a company are priceless: Some include,


• reducing company cost
• enhancing company revenue
• Improve company profits


• Maintain financial records for accuracy and compliance to rules and regulations
• Manage and control all aspects of company taxes


• Introduce best financial practices for enhanced financial procedures

Certified Public Accountants provide major companies with peace of mind when it come to dealing the law with all its rules and regulations. Organizations can get into serious trouble due to gross financial mismanagement.
A good Certified Public Accountant will make sure that the organization stay out of the public for legal issues, especially dishonesty.

Qualities and Skills of a good Certified Public Accountant

Certain skills are required for accountants to perform at optimal levels. Such skills include:

Great accountants are no at a loss for words. He or she must be able to explain the financial state of the organization with clarity and competence.


Competent accountants must be able to analyze financial statements, balances, payroll and all other aspects of monetary transactions, both inflowing and outflowing.

Detailed Minded

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to managing an organization’s financial affair. Knowledge and accuracy regarding every aspect of the company’s financial records should be top priority.

Well Organized

CPAs or any accountant must be highly organized. A system for controlling and managing all financial records, transactions and capital is vital to the health of an organization.


To inspect account systems as well as organize and maintain financial records, an accountant must be extraordinary in his or her ability to perform mathematical calculations and more.

Poise and confidence

A CPA’s job can become very stressful. When it comes to preparing taxes, and preparing the company for auditing matters can take a heavy toll on an accountants mental and emotional states if he she is does not have the personality or character to endure such challenges.

Sense of ownership

As a CPA, having a sense of ownership helps an individual stay on top of his or her game. You’re in change. The weight of the entire organization is upon your shoulders. The responsibility of making sure that the company is operating smoothly is up to you.
Individuals without the above skills will most likely struggle as an accountant in an organization. Hiring highly qualified person should be top priority.

Becoming a Certified Public Accounting


Individual who desire to become a CPA must first obtain a 4-year bachelor’s degree in accountant and several more years taking college courses designed to prepare them for the CPA exam. All in all, a CPA can be obtained in roughly 6 years or a little less.
Choosing an accredited university or college is also important for individuals who desire careers in higher levels of accountants. All relevant coursework must meet the criteria required for passing the exam

Climbing the ladder

Gaining experience is important to becoming an excellent accountant. Students who are choosing an accountant career can get experience through internships, usually through organizations during the summer.

Individuals who work their way up the career ladder often start out as bookkeepers or junior accountants and into higher position at the right times.
Working your way up the ladder to becoming a certified public accountant for a major business will not be a cake walk, but once you achieve it via passion, challenging work, and progressive experience, you will be honored that you were instrumental in helping your company reach fortune 500 status.

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