6 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Long-Distance Relationship


Couples may find themselves in a long-distance relationship for several legitimate reasons. Sometimes a career-related factor may be the blame; other times a sick relative, such as a mother or father, may deem it necessary to be away for an extended period.
Therefore, many long-distance marriages or love relationships cannot be avoided.

But constant communication is critical to the sustenance of intimacy between two lovers. Sharing the ups and downs of living away from each other is an empowering activity and enhances the longing to embrace and be with one another even more.
However, the lack of communication between long distance lovers is a recipe for a possibly disastrous breakup. Failure to communicate can result in life-altering challenges, some of which include:

• Depression
• Loneliness
• Temptation
• Jealousy
• “Out of sight out of mind” mentality

These human conditions can spiral out of control and cause much emotional, physical and psychological pain.


To avoid falling into a negative state of existence due to non-communication, you must act at the first sign of any warning signals indicating the above symptoms.
Daily communication is the key to staying connected, encouraging hope and destroying any hidden chance of growing apart.

Ways to Stay in Touch

Although face to face communication can’t be beaten when it comes to establishing intimacy with another, using a smartphone to connect daily is the next best thing. Hearing the voice of your spouse or partners daily can be an antidote to loneliness and depression.

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Communicating your ideas in writing or texting is a trendy way to stay in touch. You can text all day without making too much noise, especially if you are at work or in someplace where talking loud isn’t an option.

Multiple Social Media Networks

The advantages of being on multiple social media networks are vast. Depending on the network you choose, you can be very creative. For example, you can create a Facebook page just for communicating with your lover.
In addition, you can go live on Facebook and promote your love for one another in front of friends and relatives if you are courageous enough.


You can do Twitter all day long. Upload and send messages in short sweet spurts. A tweet doesn’t take but a minute or two. Use twitter when you are exceptionally busy and do not have a lot of time in your daily schedule.

Pin Interest

Pin Interest is an interesting way to stay in touch, visually. You can upload a collection of photos that show your daily lifestyle while you are away. You can upload visually interesting material which will impress your spouse or partner.
There are many other social media networks you can take advantage of, including Instagram, or even LinkedIn if you desire to show the business side of your life.


If you have access to skype, you can connect with your lover wherever you are in real time. You can even see each other, talk to each other, smile, and show your current location. You can do this once or twice a week, especially on the weekend for a special treat.


Another way to stay connected is a one hundred percent tradition: letter writing. It may appear old fashion but the time you spend writing a letter can be very impressive to your partner. Lovers of yesteryear often wrote letters from far-away places, creating an atmosphere of the atmosphere of anticipatory romance.
You can send fancy, strawberry letters, yellow red, or plain old write. I am sure it will be amazingly appreciated and kept for dear memory.

Long distance relationships must be nourished every day. Don’t let a day pass without connecting in one of the above ways. The goal is to keep the fire burning between two lovers without extinguishing a diminishing the flame. Constant Communication is the key to a long and lasting relationship.

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