Starbucks: The Keys to Customer Success-a Review


Walking into Starbucks on a Sunday morning to purchase a hot cup of coffee is a regular routine for thousands of American coffee  lovers. The well-lighted atmosphere of Starbucks provides a relaxed and cozy space for readers, laptop or smartphone users.

Founded on the 31st of March 1971, Starbucks represents the largest US coffee company and coffee house chain. The coffee chain separates itself from other coffee product companies in America by its distinguished taste, quality and customer service.

With over 200,00 employees and 26,606 locations, the popular coffee brand earns a net income of $2.885 billion.

Keys to Success

  • Coffee quality
  • Variety of coffee products
  • Expanding product line, including bakery items and sandwiches
  • Attractive atmosphere with music and WIFI
  • Partnerships & Deals with other entities, including Kraft Foods, Apples, Pepsi Cola to enhance product variety  and customer experience
  • Use of automated technology, including expresso machines for efficiency and safety reasons

Who is Starbucks for?

Starbucks is a place for avid coffee lovers from every walk of life. Whether you are a regular coffee drinker or a Mocha or Letta enthusiastic, Starbucks has the perfect beverage to satisfy your coffee loving taste. A steep experience curve assures customers that they are getting the top-notch service from a company that has been in the coffee serving business since 1971.

Type of Products

  • Hot & cold drinks
  • Whole-bean coffee
  • Micro ground instant coffee: expresso, latté
  • Teas: full and loose-leaf
  • Fresh juice
  • Frappuccino beverage
  • La Bourlarge pastries
  • Packaged food items
  • Sandwiches: hot and cold


For quality coffee and other food items, customers might spend an average of 5-10 dollars on beverages, bakery items or sandwiches.


Customer Service

Customers don’t have to worry about lackluster customer service when they walk into a Starbucks. The staff is friendly and responsive to wants and needs right away. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and spaces are appealing with great lighting.

Individuals can sit for hours reading, or use tablets or laptops.


A Starbucks can be found in nearly every city in the United States. Stores can be found in malls across America, as well as department stores or book stores. The goal of Starbucks is to remain a leader in the coffee serving business by providing enhanced service that exceeds the expectations of avid customers as well as those who like to purchase a coffee product occasionally.

Get Yo Coffee

If you are an avid coffee lover, Starbucks offer some of the finest coffee quality in the country. The popular coffee brand knows how to meet the needs and wants of its customers. Its customer loyalty is the result of fully embracing its customers and providing them with quality, variety, and convenience.


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