What Makes Forbes Magazine a Dynamic Success-Even in the Digital Age?


Forbes is an extraordinary American Based Magazine, yet providing access to top notch information across the world on such topics as finance, industry, investments and marketing advice. Current, up-to-date news and information is a top priority for the by-weekly published magazine.

I have been a Forbes magazine reader for years, and I never get tired of its online version. Not only is it fun and entertaining, the quality and variety of information are second to known.

The Good & the Bad


  • Extraordinary Reader Satisfaction
  • Provides Access to Highly Relevant topics
  • Strong Distribution quality and reliability
  • Popular name brand image
  • Popular Magazine & Digital Version
  • Multi-international reader base


  • Reader reduction due to the trend toward internet usage. However, the magazine is still gradually becoming a go to the source of pertinent information.

Who is Forbes for?

Forbes is for anyone who desires quality news and information on the latest topics such as science, technology, politics as wells as law. Millions of individuals look to Forbes for the best info-products and services. Currently, the total circulation of the magazine is 931,558 and still growing in popularity.

The first issue of Forbes was published in over 100 years ago in 1917. Its highest ranking article ideas appears to be ‘Riches Americans of the World Top Companies” and ‘World Billionaires,’ according to Wikipedia.

Subscription Price

Can get up to a year’s subjection for just $20.00

The magazine version is a great investment for those how love to relax in a chair or on a couch and read about the industrial innovations and developments impacting their businesses or entrepreneur aspirations.

Contributors: Keys to Forbes Success

Forbes’s great success is attributed to the thousands of contributors who publish articles, videos and more to the magazine on a continuous basis. Up-to-date information from the outstanding personalities, businesses, and organizations keep readers coming back for more.

Forbes Online Power: Website-Forbes.com

In the digital age, Forbes website is the place to go for breaking news on the latest happenings and breakthroughs on a variety of topics. The current website traffic received by Forbes daily include 29 million hits.

Website Coverage

The website features a navigation menu consisting of Editor’s picks, podcasts, most popular, Brand voice, featured, live and much more.

The main sections include List, Investments, The World’s Billionaires, Business, and leadership. Click on any section and you will receive top notch information in the form of text, videos, podcast, pictures, infographics and more.

Worth Your Consideration

The reader will not get bored with Forbes, whether viewing its magazine or online website. The pictures and titles are attractive and draw the reader attention right away.




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