Proctor & Gamble: A Review of a Cooperation providing a 182 Years of Customer Satisfaction


Proctor and Gamble, founded in October 1837, is a worldwide consumer goods cooperation. P&G employs 95,000 individuals and earns a net income of $13.44 billion. The experience of serving customers for 182 years gives Proctor & Gamble a huge experience curve over its rivals when it comes to persuading customers to believe in its products

Millions of people across the world everyday purchase among a vast number of P&G product brands which are always in demand.

Who is Proctor & Gamble for?

P&G has no respect for persons, cultures or nationalities. All individuals across the world are given access to P&G’s products. The goal is to P & G is to keep humanity clean and healthy when it comes to personal care, including hygiene.

Keys to Success

  • Wide range of essential everyday products
  • Product quality and reliability
  • Strong brand company reputation
  • Humongous customer base worldwide
  • Acquisitions of rival firms (Thomas Hedley co, Gillette, Charmin paper mills)
  • Restructuring (product line reduction)
  • Wide geographic coverage
  • Strong global distribution capability
  • Experience curve over rivals

Specialized Products

Proctor & Gamble specializes in three areas: cleaning agents, personal care items, and hygienics. Below are just a sample of its tremendous product line.

  • Charmin
  • Old Spice
  • Cascade
  • Tide
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Herbal Essences
  • Pampers
  • Clean
  • Prilosec
  • Dawn
  • Crest Tooth Paste
  • Vicks Cough Product
  • Bounty paper Towels

Deals & Discounts are offered on a constant basis. These are the bargains that have kept customers coming back time and time again for P&G’s products.

Sustainability Oriented

The goal of P&G is to offer customers high quality products that meet and surpass their greatest expectations. Constantly improving products to make them better is a top priority.

In addition, P&G has a track record of giving back to the community, especially in time so disasters such as floods and storms. Providing products that fulfill individuals needs for health and well-being, including hygiene and home comforts.

Geographic Coverage

Proctor & Gamble products reach across the globe into several countries, including the Asia Pacific, South America, North America, India, Greater China, Middle East as well as Europe. The mark of a Fortune 500 worthy company exceeds the borders of its mainland, selling its products and services to diverse cultures.

Final Opinion

Head to your local or corner store. You should not be surprised at all. The products distributed by P&G cannot be denied. They are everywhere in every city in America and across the world. The iconic corporation will continue to sustain in dominance in the market place, simply because of its tremendous product attractiveness.

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