What to Do When Your Life Seems to be Going Nowhere


Does your life seem to be at a dead end? Everybody around you appears to be prospering in one way or another, but your life seems to be going nowhere. The realization that your life is going nowhere can be devastating.

Somehow you lost track of your purpose and goals in life. There could be several strong reasons for your loss of focus: a divorce, a death in the family, a natural disaster or debilitating accident. Such unfortunate events can take away your hope of living, resulting in depression and other forms of mental illness.

Therefore, you must take steps to regain your purpose and focus on life. I have faced many instances in which it felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere. But I triumphed over them all. You can escape such times as well.

Before You Start

The secret to overcoming the state of going nowhere is to give yourself an honest examination. What were your goals prior to your loss of focus in life? Do you have the same passion for those goals you once had, or do you need to create new goals for yourself?

If you still have a passion for the goals, you once had. Refocus! Write them down and hang them up around the house so that you will always be mindful of them.


Accept your Plight as Commonplace.

No one is immune to trouble.  Accept the fact that adversity happens to everyone, even though it appears to be just happening to you. Some of the greatest people you and I know conquered various forms of adversities to reach their greatest achievements.

In fact, the road to greatness is filled with a good deal of challenges and change. But the ability to be comfortable with such reality is the key to victory.

Take responsibility for your life again.

If you are going to get your life back on track, the responsibility is yours, and no one else’s. People can encourage you, and empower you to go forward, but you must take the steps. One of the main reasons I’ll live seems to be going nowhere is that somewhere down the line we loss passion and stop living our goals and objectives.

Goal setting gets our life back on track. We become alive again. Our days are filled with purpose and hope in bringing forth a new reality.

Avoid Hanging Around Negativism.

Individuals attempting to eliminate their sense of going nowhere in life must not hang around those people, places, and things that generate negative vibes. One of the reasons for falling into the state of non-progressiveness in the first place could be due to our engaging people, places and things that were detrimental to our well being and emotional wholeness.

Highly successful people keep their mind on positive people, places, and things. There is a reason for this: positive activity inspires positive activity the same as negative activity generate negative activity. All success in life starts with focusing on the positive every single day. Our thoughts, emotions, and ideas must be on enhancing the quality of our lives and those who surround us.

Enjoy the Journey along the Way to your destiny.

Happiness is living every day with a sense of gratitude for being alive. Many of our family and friends have made their transition out of the physical body, but we, who are still here, must enjoy the journey along the way, appreciating everyday as an opportunity to enhance the quality of not only our own lives but especially the lives of those who are around us.

Never wait to you reach a goal to be happy. Enjoy every step of your dream. There is much to learn, about life, about yourself and the people closes to you. The achievement of your goals has little to do with true happiness.

Natural happiness occurs when we share the journey with those who can appreciate us as a person, regardless if we achieve our goals or not.


Laugh more! Laugh Loudly!

Go to see a funny movie. Life at how silly life appears at a time. There are many great comedians, both past and presence have taken some of the most trying times in life and produced humorous points of view.

Your comedian may be your uncle or mother-in-law. Nevertheless, get around people who can tell a joke or two and make you life. Taking life too seriously can be bad for your health. But laughter heals the heart and makes it smile.

Enjoy the People Who Love You the Most

Sometimes when our lives appear to be going nowhere is due to our tendency to ignore the most important people in our lives. We can become so busy in the pursuit of the goals that we forget about taking time to enjoy our families.

The significant people in our lives is what should give inspiration and drive to our goals and dreams. Not having anyone to share our success is what makes life lonely, sad, and depressing. Our loved ones are the ones who make our world go around.

Join a group or program

If you are struggling to get your life back on track after a season of hopeless and despair, a promising idea is to join a group or program designed to inspire and empower people to become passionate about creating and pursuing goals again.

These groups specialize in happing people find meaning in life. But most people join groups that support their goals and dreams.  For example, if you want to write a book, join a writer’s club. If you want to go back to school, get with people and programs which support your niche.

However, if you need help in reaching emotional wholeness, you may want to talk to a counselor or join a religious group who can bless and pray for you.

Prevent yourself from ever Losing Purpose Again

Sustaining purpose in our lives starts with understanding that life is filled with ups and downs and that we must adapt to them. I have had my share of ups and downs. Now I can look back and see how they have made me stronger in characters and has giving me the knowledge to pass on to others who are experiencing a similar reality.

Of course, there are incidents and events that can attack and shatter our lives to the core, but we must not lose perspective. We must continue with our hopes and dreams.

Every failure, setback or bad break has a lesson to teach. We must listen reflectively.




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