HOSTESS BRAND! What Happened to Real Hostess Suzy Q Cakes?


As a first grader in 1967, I remember arriving at Robinson School and sharing a Suzy Q cake with one of my classmates. For breakfast, consuming delicious chocolate, creamy filled Suzy Q cakes, along with a box of white milk was the norm. Suzy Q cake for breakfast wasn’t so bad at all.

Hostess brand cakes have been a sweet, mouthwatering, tasty sensation for millions of small cake lovers for years. Its brand cakes include:

• Twinkies
• Cupcakes
• Donette’s
• HO Hos
• Ding Dongs
• Mini Muffins
• Fruit Pie
• Coffee cakes
• Honey Buns
• Cinnamon Polls
• Suzy Q

Most of the above hostess cakes are still produced by the new Hostess brand except the true Suzy Q. A poor imitation of the real thing is circulating around the country, but people can tell that it isn’t the real thing. “Ain’t Nothing like the Real Thing”. The real Suzy Q was a product of the old Hostess Brand that ended in 2013. The new Hostess brand makes an imitation of the real McCoy.

The characteristics of the Real Suzy Q were unmistakable.

Delicious Taste

Back in the day, the yummy Suzy Q almost melted in your mouth. The creamy edges were so thick you had to lick them to keep the cream from squirting out. Things could get messy fast, but the messiness was worth the tasty reward.

Two Colors

The Real SQ came in two colors: Chocolate and Vanilla cakes with lots of cream in the middle. I remember buying both brands on many occasions. Grabbing a cold glass of milk along with the new brand and watching a good game of sports was a dream come true.


The old Hostess brands were determined the provide its customers with the highest quality of Hostess cakes. When ever you bought a real Suzy Q cake the delicious taste let you know that you got your money’s worth.

Will the Real Suzy Q make a comeback?

100% Yes! All the new Hostess brand must do is go back to the old formula and bring back the old Suzy Q cake. Hostess enthusiast will be overwhelmed with joy. To me, the Suzy Q was one of the most popular brands. When it went away and replaced by the imitation, the Hostess brand has never been the same.

So, if the new Hostess brand wants to obtain a sizable customer base, it should seriously consider bringing back the old SQ brand cake. Now that’s opportunity!

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