How to Love Others Boldly: Even When Life Continually Deals You a Bad Hand


Loving boldly is the decisive act of loving regardless of what others do or doing against you. People who are continually filled with joy and peace understand the power of loving boldly. They refuse to succumb to the ups and downs of everyday life. Instead, they thrive.

The bad hands that life gives us consist of many relational challenges, including betrayal, rejection, verbal and physical abuse as well as separation and divorce. These problems can wear us down and take away all our joy, hope, and expectation for living a life of peace and quality.

However, we must allow no negative condition or bad hand stop up from loving boldly. There is too much at stake, considering how short life is.  Instead of settling for victimhood, we must storm the castle of personal adversity with bold love.

Loving boldly: 6 Powerful Tips

Accept the fact that life is an up and down journey

Life is not a fairytale. If we have lived long enough, we must consider the fact that occasionally life deals us a bad hand.  Everyone experiences adversity in some form or another. But the response to problems determines the level of our maturity and the measure of character that we obtain.

loving boldly

We can love boldly when we understand that life is a journey consisting of adventures. Such perception empowers us to keep loving despite negative forces.

Decide that no negative force is greater than the love within you

The love within you is powerful. It can transform a dark and angry attitude to one of kindness and softness. Loving boldly upsets negative forces and rob them of their strength and power. When you and I love those who have betrayed us, we arouse within them the deepest guilt and shame until they can no longer stand themselves. They change.

Avoid being influenced by the negative perception of others

Don’t allow well meaning friends and family steer your emotions toward hatred and revengeful feelings. Others may call you weak or foolish for forgiving those who have wronged you. However, your goal is to retain your joy and peace and expand your emotional wholeness.

If you give in to the negative perceptions of others, you lose. People who know how to love boldly are unwilling to reduce themselves to the level of their persecutors, complaining and giving in to victimization.

Enjoy Loving boldly for the sake of wellness

Loving boldly is therapeutic. When we love boldly, when we continue to love when others deal us a bad hand, we grow. We become more mature. Our character is refined. Our inner selves blossom, filling us with poise and confidence.

According to researchers at the University of Ohio, Love protects our heart, enables us to live longer and helps us beat cancer.

But revengeful and hurt feelings steal our joy and peace, making our heart sad and sorrowful. An unhappy heart is an unhealthy heart.

Learn to laugh at the bad hands that life gives you

There is no greater medicine for the heart than that of laughter.  Hang around, jolly people. When you hang around people who can laugh at the ups and downs of life, you will not feel alone in your personal adversities. The strength you receive from positive minded people will assist you in quickly overcoming the ups and downs of life.

To get in the laughing mood, you can rent funny movies, or you can attend clubs that host both popular and local comedians who joke about the hardships of life.

Adapt a spiritual routine as a lifestyle

Bold love must be maintained via its source. The ups and downs of life and the band hands can sap away our own ability to love boldly. That is why we must connect with our higher power: the source of all love.

Human effort to love our enemies will fail us when the fires of hatred get hotter. Loving boldly requires a greater source, extraordinary and beyond human emotions.

Adapting a spiritual lifestyle helps us deal with the harshness of setbacks, bad breaks, and let downs along the journey of life.  God becomes our strength and power.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that loving boldly increases the quality of our lives. By loving boldly, we overcome the perception that we are without choice in life and that we must be victims of every negative circumstance that we encounter.

When we love this way, we grow larger than we ever thought possible. We transcend ordinariness. And our lives become role models for others who see our joy and peace on constant display.

The bad hands which we are dealt are common to all humanity. But if we respond with loving boldly those who have wronged us, we always triumph in life.


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