What to Do If the Quality of Your Life Sucks?


Wake up and take immediate action. Become a person of initiative and make a difference where you are. A person of initiative is always in the business of making profitable things happen for the good of the individual and society. If there is a problem, he or she isn’t afraid to be the first one to confront and triumph over it.

When a person of initiative is around, stagnation will not last long. Progressive change becomes the norm. Innovative ideas and programs are transformed into reality. As a person of initiative, you don’t sit around and wait for other people to tell you what to do. Instead, you get things started while another jump on the bandwagon.

Habits of Initiative

Habits which distinguish a person of initiative form a passive individual include:

  • Making the first move instead of waiting to be told what to do
  • Challenging the status quo instead of going along with the plan
  • Realizing that criticism is a stepping stone to excellence rather than a hindrance to growth and development

What’s Next

Start something good or stop something bad from happening without anyone’s approval. The key words are ‘without approval.” If you are a person who never makes a big noise without someone giving you the nod, then you can never be a person of initiative. People who do it first are risk takers. They are the movers and shakers of the world.


The place to start on your path to becoming a person of initiative is right where you are. Your first move could be in your personal life, in your home, the workplace, in school or in your community.

Personal Life

Is there something in your personal life which needs a resolution? Then you must decide to stop being passive about it and make a courageous move toward resolving the situation. Millions of people remain unhappy about their personal lives, but due to several reasons, they refuse to make a move toward enhancing the quality of their lives.

Fear stopped me for a long time, especially when I was a young college student. Because I was a follower of nature, I allowed people to dictate my moves. I was temporarily controlled by a religious group which gave me ideas to live by. I wasn’t allowed to make any of my own decisions or even to say no under certain conditions. However, after becoming extremely fed up, I decided to take an initiative to separate myself from the group.

My rebellion wasn’t easy, but I obtained my freedom.

Home Life

Do you need to confront a family member who isn’t contributing to the good of the whole?  Don’t hesitate to make your disagreement known. There is nothing more tormenting than coming home to an atmosphere of conflict. Our home supposed to be a place where we escape from the ups and downs of the outside world.

We should find love and acceptance from our family members. If not, then the demand for initiative is strong.


Can you come up with a great idea for getting a project down more efficiently? Then propose this to your boss or other superiors.

Individual come up with grand ideas in the workplace are the ones who get recognition and reward and are promoted to the highest post.

In School

Would you like to see a new academic course or a program implemented in the curriculum of your school or university, then write a proposal and submit it to the dean.

Many schools are open to suggestions from students who might have ideas as to how to teach a course or what to include in a curriculum to effectively equipped students for success in their career.

Your Community

Would you like to see a change in the values and condition of your community, then start an awareness program designed to create peace and harmony.

Keeping our communities safe from the hurt, harm and dangers of society are crucial if we are going to live a peaceful and secure quality of life. Partnering with our neighbors to eliminate bad influences within our surroundings indicates that we care for the people around us.

Look for problems in each of the above areas of life and brainstorm practical solutions, select the best ones and make them known. This is how you become a person of initiative who can make a difference where you are.

Seize Volunteer Opportunities

Take advantage of ready-made initiative opportunities. These include volunteering to take part in activisms ideas, to participate in youth programs, to stand up for the rights of others to experience a quality lifestyle.

Acquire leadership skills

Take both free and paid courses in leadership and public speaking programs if you are a timid individual with hopes of becoming a person of initiative. Toastmaster is an excellent public speaking program for people who want to learn how to communicate their ideas to a large audience without reservation.

The more you make yourself known, the less the quality of your life will suck and the  more you will stand out from the crowd. You will gain poise and confidence. You will become unstoppable.  People will begin to see you as a change maker. They will then seek out your skills and services. You will become an inspiration for hundreds or even thousands of people who desire to make a difference.




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