What to do when Your Marriage is suffering from money problems?


Financial stability is a crucial part of a good marriage. According to studies, thousands of marriages eventually fall apart if money problems continue to be a challenge. The pressure of struggling to make ends meet, constant complaining over bill payments and other critical needs can drain the romance right out of a once promising marriage.

If your marriage is been one big financial struggle after the next, you must realize that your marriage is in a dangerous condition. Something must be done to prevent further deterioration of the union, resulting in a divorce.

Things to Do When your Marriage is Financially Strained

Agree to talk

The most important way to resolve a marriage problem is to establish a time for communication, not only when there is a problem but also when things are going well. The habit of constant communication with your spouse or partners will help prevent many problems even before they get started.


A serious meeting between spouses regarding financial instability should include such topics as:

Immediate Solutions

Stop wasting money on restaurant food. Start buying food and cooking it. Eating out a restaurant can cost $50 a visit, especially if you have to leave tips behind.  Frequenting such places as Apple Bees, 50 Grills, and Baker’s Square can cost families thousands of dollars a year.

When we first got married, I and my wife made it a habit of eating out twice or something triple times a week until we realized that the money we were spending at restaurants was the money we needed to be putting up in saving for our retirement.

Instead of paying for restaurant menu prices, buy and cook your own food. You will be amazed at how much money you can save in the long run. Get used to using coupons and watching out for discount prices at your local grocery store.

Other things to stop buying

  • Multiple books form Amazon or Barnes–n-Nobles (visit your local library)
  • Expensive clothing (at Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom etc.)
  • Movies (rent instead once a month)
  • Suspend going to State Fairs, Summer Festivals or Concerts for a while. These events can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Short term solution

A short term solution for money problems may include getting two jobs, cutting unnecessary household expenses including cable TV, or downsizing to a new resident with a cheaper mortgage or rent payments.

Long term solution

A long term solution may be to go back to school, one or both of you. Going back to school may be a hard decision to make but if you are to increase the quality of your life and marriage, a sacrifice may need to be made for further education.

Going back to school is a way of reinventing life. If viewed positively, it could be an exciting journey for both of you.

Come to an Agreement

Reach an Agreement with your spouse regarding your financial situation. Having a plan for getting your financial situation in order will help pump new life into your marriage. No marriage can be healthy without solid financial direction.

Misconceptions that things will get better

Some couples continue to experience financial struggles because there is a sense that things will eventually get better. However, unless one of you win the lottery, things will not improve. Instead, arguments will increase, bills will pile up, and creditors will increase harassment, resulting in penalties, including garnishment, foreclosures, and bankruptcy.  Divorce may be standing nearby.

Don’t hesitate to address financial issues in marriage, especially if you want to avoid loss of intimacy and romance. I have known couples who, due to money struggles and constant contention, have gone years with intimate touch and playfulness.

Each day was a grind. The tension was high whenever they held a conversation. Several couples eventually ended up giving up the marriage.

Preventing Financial Struggle from the Beginning

The best way to avoid financial instability in a marriage is to hold off on the wedding until both of your financial conditions improve. Why get marriage if there is a good chance that the health of the marriage will be at stake? Don’t be impatient. Don’t rush into marriage. True love will always be there when the time comes to make those eternal vows.




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