What to do when your teenager’s Obsession is a threat to family Safety?


Suppose you walk into your son’s or daughter’s room and discover on the computer screen an open window illustrating extremist groups, or killers notorious for mass shootings. You discover that you child has been obsessed with these images for months if not years, according to the history on his or her computer.

Now suppose you child’s behavior becomes more indifferent or more defiant when it comes to family togetherness? You notice that he is becoming more fascinated with guns, especially by the number of gun magazines he is ordering and reading.

What should you do?

You most definitely don’t want your child to be the source of another violent statistic in the news, especially of a mass killing.

If the warning signs are there, you must do something immediately. However, you approach must be clever.


Don’t lose it.

Confronting you teenager with anger isn’t a good thing. If he or she is defiant already, you may be putting yourself or your entire family in harm’s way. You never know to what degree your son or daughter has been radicalized. Chances are they may be ready to mentally explode at the first major confrontation.

Make sure that he or she has no access to guns or weapons. Once again, you cannot trust any individual who has chosen to become radicalized, even if it is your own children.

Initially, don’t mention anything about spying on him

Most teenagers are private by nature, especially when it comes to doing things on social media sites or talking to friends behind shut doors. Mentioning that you are aware that he has been viewing extremist groups or reading about killers such as the Las Vegas shooter will destroy his trust in you as a parent and increase threat potential against you and the family.

Don’t be afraid to calmly demand a talk

You must talk. If you are afraid of addressing the situation, you will eventually regret it one day. Many parents have already fallen into this trap and much more will follow who are fearful of confronting their troubled teenagers. The importance of communication your concerns are crucial to preventing something terrible from occurring.

Address the Issue calmly. Let your child know that you are concerned about his indifferent behavior and the impact it is having on you and the family. Now is an appropriate time to seek the reason for his obsession with gun magazines or even make him aware that you stumbled upon the toxic images and text he has been viewing on the internet.

Stay calm if there is a mild disruption

But listen to him or her clearly. Discover if you have played a part in the dangerous way your child is acting toward others.  According to studies, some kids have hidden anger against their parents and are willing to take this anger out on the people surrounding them, including their own family.

Come to some kind of behavior agreement

The goal is to get your child thinking and behaving in a way that is not a threat to you or the family. Make it clear that you love and care about him, but that you do not appreciate such radical views and opinions against other groups in society.

After you have effectively communicated with your teenager, watch their reaction. Such talks are the moment of truth. Rather than change, some teenagers decide to leave home or run away. But whatever happens, you must be prepared.

Seek Professional Help for your child

Most parents will think of a psychologist when it comes to professional help. But one of the best ways to obtain a sense of safety and security about your child is to have a priest or minister to pray for hime or her. Prayer like meditation can give you a sense of peace about a situation. Furthermore, include other family members in the recovery effort. Allow them to help you encourage and inspire your teenager with appreciating and love. Love conquers all.

If your teenager is involved in a dangerous obsession, you must act now. Time is short and you might not know how deeply engrossed he may have become. You have an opportunity to turn your child’s life around and point it in the right direction.  The stage is set for you. Act now. Do not fail.




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